Nioh coming to PC in November!

Released on PS4 back in February, Nioh is now due November 7th via Steam as a complete package with the 3 expansions.

The game is utterly fantastic, 2nd to Bloodborne it is my favourite “Souls-like” game!

Here’s a video of an optional boss duel that I barely survived

One small issue is that it requires 100GB. Here’s the system requirements:

The PC version can be played either on Action Mode, which features a stable 60fps, or on Movie Mode, which is described as a cinematic option that can expand the resolution to 4K. Koei Tecmo’s note to press suggests you can’t deviate from either of these two modes, no matter how powerful your PC.

100gb!? Fuck me, have they heard of file compression?

I’d heard good things about the game but it seemed to vanish off the map fairly quickly, so I’d assumed it hadn’t turned out especially memorable. I’ll have to give it more attention, given your recommendation.