Nirvana baby sues for sexual exploitation


To quote a couple of parts of the article:

OMG. What a wanker.

  1. It hasn’t really effected your life, has it mate? Not really. I wonder if he ever used it as a line in bars “I was the baby in the Nirvana cover”

  2. What a money grabbing whore. He’s even replicated the cover multiple times… and has been paid just to attend pool parties. Which he agreed to, with his own free will.

  3. There are actually sexually abused children and trafficked sex workers who have REAL problems and need help. Would he care to donate the money he receives to charities that help them? He does them a huge injustice.


This is just disgusting. Shitting all over the real victims in the pursuit of greenbacks.


Fekin lawyers, lawyering.

Unless you actually told folk, then how TF would they know it was you? I mean, like we’re SO recognisable when we’re 4 months old. Utter, utter shit.

Boils my piss.

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