No-bullshit Windows 10 install

My plans are to wait out this last year of Windows 7 support then next January upgrade to Windows 10.

In the meantime, I want to find out a bit more about the bullshit crammed in to Win 10, what I can switch off and what I can’t.

Any one got a handy dandy guide to de-bullshitting Win10?

I’m talking about the telemetry, cortana, the bullshit ad stuff in the start menu/metro pop out, overriding user preferences for stuff like auto-updates - I want it all off or gone.

Also, the best legit place to pick up a key?

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There have been rumors of a business edition of windows 10 with all the shit removed but its never appeared.

I’ve been installing it a good bit in the past few weeks, you just need to turn off as much as you can and then uninstall all the shit they put on with it.

I’ve been looking for a list of guff so I can do an install, spend a few hours removing or switching it all off and then making an image from that point.

If half of what I’ve read is true, it is crammed to the gills with bullshit.

I disabled all the live tiles, uninstalled a bunch of stuff, but from a general usage point of view, I’ve never had any issues with W10.

One of the main reason I’m concerned isn’t actually the tinfoil hat twitching on my head (Shhh, ease, ease boy, I know they’re out to get us) its actually how crazy* unstable Windows 10 seems to be - but then I have you guys telling me that you have no problems.

I literally (not Vred hyperbole - actual, literal literally) do not have a day go by at work without Windows 10 acting fucky.

Random reboots, random blue screens, random black screens, programs closing out, folders closing out, files vanishing, weird performance issues, sound issues, video issues, device issues.

I know a lot of that can and mostly probably will be down to how the network is setup, but I just can’t believe that as many of the issues aren’t windows 10 when there are Windows 7 machines still running perfectly on the network not experiencing any of these issues at all.

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I have yet to have any issues from it at all. We’re moving all our work machines to it

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Been using it since it came out and no probs here


Yar, same. I was hesitant and it’s search functions still annoy be but it runs really good.

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Mines is an upgraded win10. Think it was from Windows 7. Never had any issues either. Other than some unfortunately timed updates being downloaded when I didnt want them.

There you go.
Note that the orchestrator needs to be on in order to get updates.

I have issues with my sound devices and my USB ports but I got my copy from the high sea’s so it’s only expected apart from that not had an issue with it either strange the school computers goofing

Been logged on 15 minutes at work and I’m already having issues with input from the keyboard/trackpad not being detected properly. All I’m trying to do is throw together a one slide starting powerpoint…

This laptop has been re-imaged twice already (three if you count the migration) but I still get weird stuff like this happening all the time. Other staff and the kids too.

Just really worries me that the only experience I’ve had with Win 10 is issue after issue.

And that took twice as long as it should to write because keys just aren’t being detected this morning. A restart will likely fix it, but what the hell causes a random issue like that?

I’ve no idea why your having some much issues. I’ve not had any and I’ve done about 30 machines in here with it on them.

Yeah its odd, there is no pattern to the issues at all so it isn’t even like I can go to the IT team with anything useful - I’m just reporting each issue as it comes up.

How old are the machines Vred?

Could be a bit of hardware causing some probs. Have any of the other machines similar to that one running 10?

I’m on a Dell Latitude 3580 which is the second newest model of laptop in the building. The others are a mixture of off the shelf and custom built desktops and a variety of Dell and HP laptops of a few different models.

So a real mishmash of machines which likely has some baring on the issues. I’m feeling like I’m making a big deal of this now, but we just didn’t have the same random issues when the network was 100% Windows 7 and everything on the network seems to have degraded since the migration - even our Wifi infrastructure seems to have taken a hit with really odd behaviour on Windows 10 machines but not the same sort of behaviour on the few Windows 7 machines still knocking around.

I’d be looking at a clean install and not an image. Sounds like a bad image or driver’s.


I second Hammy here. Sounds like the wrong drivers. I had to do a good ammount of cleaning when I replaced the components on this PC. No issues since I actually cleaned it up beforehand.

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Absolutely no chance of that happening - to illustrate, we have a VMWare image that is missing loads of software we need to work from home but we’re told they can’t create a new VM image with the required software for “insert reason”, this has been going on for at least two years.

I’m a bit happier hearing that these aren’t common issues.

Which is the best version for me to pick up? Once upon a time I’d only go Pro but my current Win 7 install is home - whats the situation with 10?

This is great, thanks mate.