No-bullshit Windows 10 install


Don’t think there is as much difference anymore between pro and home tbh

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Differences are detailed in this. Not much of a difference really for home use.(I’m running pro myself)



One thing I will say is when setting up I always use an offline account. Means you’re not using a Microsoft account to get stuff and keeps it a bit cleaner in my eyes.



Have you considered Mac OS?



Been waiting on that comment






i may need to do a reinstall in the near future, so had a look at this.

apparently there is a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (the replacement for LTSB). It allows (a lot of) the telemetry stuff to be turned off, lets you disable forced updates, and has a lot of the Modern ui stuff removed. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but when i read about it it sounded right up your street.

no Cortana
no Edge
no Windows store (this can apparently be restored)
no Modern ui apps

might be worth a look?

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Ahh yeah I’ll look in to that thanks mate!

It’ll probably cost a chunk more being Enterprise but I either pay more or live with the stuff I don’t like.



i’ve no idea how it’s even sold, and there are so many versions. My desktop is currently wholly legit win10 pro, but my HTPC, despite having a legit license, is running some downloaded shit because that was easier than phoning microsoft when i changed the board out.

Here’s MS’ support article on disabling the telemetry stuff.

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So I put telemetry to 0, that is the smallest ammount you can put in.

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