No Man's Sky - CooP



Colourful space explore-o-survival sandbox No Man’s Sky will add multiplayer with the free ‘Next’ update in July, developers Hello Games announced today. Spacemen will get to explore together, wander together, pootle together, fly together, race together, battle together, build bases together, bump into each other around space, and even murder each other if they’re feeling monstrous. Ah, time to dust off the ol’ spaceship and round up some pals for an intergalactic nature hike.

“This is something that I wish we could have done sooner, but I’m so glad it’s happening,” Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray told Microsoft’s Xbox Insider in a vidblast out today. “We’ve been playtesting it in the studio for the past six months, it’s a really different experience. No Man’s Sky can be a bit mysterious, a bit weird at times, and also sometimes a little bit lonely, because it’s sci-fi and I love that side of right. This is very different. It’s more Battlestar, it’s Star Trek away team, it’s fun and funny and emergent and kind of intense.”

Any other gluttons for punishment want to carry on living in denial and hope the CooP will be:

  • A) Implemented properly
  • B) Make the game any more fun


I’ve paid for the goddamned thing and Steam wont refund me so I may as well.

I have this, I have played this, i have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times in the hope it gets better. I could be tempted.

Each time I’ve reinstalled it so far it has felt/played worse, but I’m willing to try again.

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I could play and enjoy this for a bit, once it started to feel grindy i’d probably be out, but up for a bash until then. However i refuse to get emotionally attached because all the amazing space games turned out to be lies and i am now jaded.

have they changed up the atmospheric flight stuff much?

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Yeah but it actually feels worse. Its like you’re on a camera tripod someone hasn’t tightend a thumbscrew on - you just tilt and lurch around.

Saying that, I’m up for a go!

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What is this strange new sensation rising within me? could it be, hope, returning to my cynical heart after so many years?

Nope, just acid reflux.

I will give it another go, but temper my expectations.

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Just tried it again, still hands like shit, but interested to see how co-op works

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I found the ship controls were awkward and jarring and actually found everything ran slightly worse than it used to. I noticed loads more little graphical glitches and pop-in issues and the terrain bugging out.

Maybe CooP, the new ships (that are super expensive and really grindy to get hold of) and the CooP makes for some fun.

Proper shame how things went with this game. If he’d had just stopped speaking publicly and the team would have held off a few more years we might have gotten something decent.

Whats the co-op player limit? Game to try it this week at some point.

4 I think but it’s not out until 24th.

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I was wrong:

No Man’s Sky NEXT isn’t a sudden step into MMO territory – multiplayer instances are limited to 16 players. But the ability to see, hear and shoot each other over practically infinite worlds could cause a seismic shift in how these factions interact. To understand how things could change, we first need to look at how they started.

Original article.

span this up last night and, thanks to the world regen i guess, i’m in a system on a station where i logged off, but there’re only a couple of planets and they’re both hostile as shit. thankfully still got my groovy space plane and my stack of cash.

you’re right on the flight being different AND worse; how could they end up thinking that was better, unless their aim is to remove flight from the game as anything other than a transition between first person bits?

co-op could still be fun, as long as we’re mostly on foot.

Funny, when I logged in I was on a toxic planet where I had set up a base. Dont remember doing that, also my ship is wrecked with little to no fuel for drives.

Does co-op start as a fresh game and we need to find each other ?

i got a popup message that i dismissed without reading properly about stuff being changed, but i’d not built a base in normal (faffed a bit with it in creative), so i figured folks with bases would still have them.

no idea on the co-op; i’m not reading up on it as i think it might put me off :confused:

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Done that too. Seems there has been a load of changes since I last played. Might leave it now until coop so I don’t get pissed off playing it before then


yup, i quit after flying down to the surface and back, don’t want co-op to arrive and i’ve reached the point of not wanting to do anything.

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I’ve done the same but after spending ages filling my inventory with stacks of gold and getting peanuts for the effort. I forgot how unsatisfying mining is.

I’ve started a new char but haven’t gotten attached since there are always weird things happening to NMS on big updates. There is an article about a real life archaeologist going in to the game to document the abandoned and lost player bases/colonies that had to be abandoned when the game updated and changed the terrain on a lot of planets - there is ‘ghost mountain’ which is a collection of floating bases/gear left after a mountain was levelled out by the update, loads of others are buried under the surface some below bedrock no one knew existed.

That explains my base now being on a toxic planet. I was sure I looked for a nice green non toxic planet.

my money came from a planet where the spiky balls worth 50k or so were every few yards of the surface. i flew about until i found a trading post and ground that (for maybe a couple of hours) while i watched a movie, to the tune of about 250million credits, and spent about half that on my ship. mining to get resources you need is fine as you only need nominal amounts. mining to get cash is/was a waste of time.

Quick question, anyone here get themselves a freighter? I’ve only got about 900k in game so way off being able to afford one.