No Man's Sky - CooP

No sweat chum

How do people even come up with stuff like this!!


You should see the crazy shit people build in minecraft, same principle applies here…some peeps have way too much spare time! :rofl:

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BEEEEYYYYYYYYOOOOONNNDDDDD - Seemed like the best place to post!

Patch notes are live!! CANNOT WAIT TO LOAD UP ON PSVR!!

(Website is up and down :smile:)

yeah the VR support is quite tempting. I wonder if the world i was on will have been blanked/rebooted/deleted or whatever.

No reset on this, worlds are as is.

I may go back to it. NMS has a great atmosphere. Really wanted a shiny x wing type ship. Kinda wished there was some actual game though, or some combat mechanics that weren’t trash.


This. Played a good bit of it and it just gets boring if I’m honest. Might jump back on and see what’s changed. Be nice if you could sell old ships

I’ll have a poke at this as well and see if my big fleet and base still exist.

I’m also mulling going back in for anohter look.

I only have a small base and have discovered some shit and have a flying toaster for a ship :rofl:

Seems it’s now in vr. Unsure whether or not to buy it.

Not sure its your thing Pnats. You didn’t really like Minecraft or any of the base-building parts of the arma mods we played did you?

Less than a tenner then yeah.

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Have it updated. Might jump on some point next week

Jumped back on, seem to have lost my other ships, controls are jump as, logged off.

I dunno. I like civ, loved Elite…

I shall look at the cost and make a decision. Ta, Al. :sunglasses:

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£20 - done

Don’t touch it for another week yet Pnats, or at least until they send out a few more hot fixes.

There is some really broken stuff in the recent update.

Give the article I posted a scan for the issues.

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But, but, but, but.



So what’s my best source of reference material for this?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand does one actually fly ones ship (thinking about needing to set up joystick etc)

You can give it a try dude, just be willing to have to spend some time fixing your save or be willing to start a new character.

What sort of ref material you looking for dude? I just use the wiki really.

As for flying, it’s flying-lite. On the surface of a planet the flying is really fucky and sorta on-rails, in space is 6DoF.

I’ll get it installed, get my head around it again and then figure out how it was we can get in to the same system and we can derp about punching wildlife in the face and plundering natural resources.