No Man's Sky - CooP

I’m also mulling going back in for anohter look.

I only have a small base and have discovered some shit and have a flying toaster for a ship :rofl:

Seems it’s now in vr. Unsure whether or not to buy it.

Not sure its your thing Pnats. You didn’t really like Minecraft or any of the base-building parts of the arma mods we played did you?

Less than a tenner then yeah.

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Have it updated. Might jump on some point next week

Jumped back on, seem to have lost my other ships, controls are jump as, logged off.

I dunno. I like civ, loved Elite…

I shall look at the cost and make a decision. Ta, Al. :sunglasses:

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£20 - done

Don’t touch it for another week yet Pnats, or at least until they send out a few more hot fixes.

There is some really broken stuff in the recent update.

Give the article I posted a scan for the issues.

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But, but, but, but.



So what’s my best source of reference material for this?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand does one actually fly ones ship (thinking about needing to set up joystick etc)

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You can give it a try dude, just be willing to have to spend some time fixing your save or be willing to start a new character.

What sort of ref material you looking for dude? I just use the wiki really.

As for flying, it’s flying-lite. On the surface of a planet the flying is really fucky and sorta on-rails, in space is 6DoF.

I’ll get it installed, get my head around it again and then figure out how it was we can get in to the same system and we can derp about punching wildlife in the face and plundering natural resources.

DERPAGE11!!! I played Conan gubbins which was similar and quite enjoyed that as a change of pace.

Material is owt referencey. There’s a fair few posts on the VR pages about stuff going awry, so I’m not over bothered to start with - just to arse about get a feel for wtf I should be doing :slight_smile:

I be nhoseying at a couple of “beginner tips” vids. :slight_smile: I r also gonna play pancake first to get used to it afore VR gubbins. And seems save games are compatible :slight_smile:

From the last time I played I ended up:

  • Hunting for a decent ship for a while
  • Which required needing a better income source
  • Which required building a base for crafting/refining
  • Which led me to buying a freighter
  • Which led me to need a reliable source of fuel
  • Then it was hunting for upgrades
  • And then building my fleet for missions/more money and resources

I kind of burned out when I’d gotten a reliable income stream, a few decent ships and a max fleet. Gonna give some of the new stuff and older story stuff a go this time around.

If all my shit is still there when I log back in, you can harvest the resources from my farm to get yourself a few million starter credits if you want.

Edit: Just had a peak at the Steam forums (always a mistake) and holy shit this update seriously fucked up the game for a lot of people.

PSA: Anyone who wants to find their base/ship(s)/frieghter from the last time they played, just don’t load this up until they’ve hammered the game with patches. There are a bunch of ways you can lose all of the above including just using a specific teleporter in one of the new areas.

I don’t even know how to find a space station yet…

You got a ship yet?

Yeh, got a ship.

Now I gotta figure out how to make launch fuel… Went to a station, did a thing, wnet to a planet, did a thing. Now cannae get off planet ; :rofl:


You’ll be needing a lot of that.

I thought as much. Got plenty of the former. Just need to convert to get the latter.
I couldn’t figure out how to then meld the 2 together. Do I need to use refiner thing, or can I just do it from the menu?

O and how do you control the flying - mouse and keyboard as I couldn’t get joystick nor controller to work, annoyingly… Sees it, Steam has config for it, but couldn’t get it to work…

Ima feck off from work early today, so if anyone is about this afternoon and on discord so I can use them as a live wiki, that would be fab :ok_hand::grin:

Got this reinstalled and have watched a bunhc of updates roll through, but I’m still seeing threads talking about the breakiest of the bugs so I’m going to give it a bit long before I long in.

I don’t want a rage aneurysm when I log in and find all my shit is gone again.