Non-Spoiler Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread

Okay from now on I’ll be putting all non-spoiler specific stuff in here. If and when people want to talk about spoilerific stuff, please create a spoiler thread, thanks :slight_smile:

Okay to start with I’m gonna link a pretty damn good RDR Story Catch up video.

Some review videos (But stay clear if want to see everything with fresh eyes)

Personally cannot wait to start playing (might even start at midnight)


For those wondering, this game is fucking amazing. The levels of detail is incredible, it’s a very slow paced game, with breakneck speed moments. But overall a very chilled game.

Well highly unfortunately the HDR is just plain shit… But they are apparently working on a fix.

Unpopular opinion im not enjoying my time playing this game controls are sluggish and slow and the added ‘realism’ slows the game to a crawl and makes every thing a chore.

Fair enough pal, I can see how it would not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a shame you’re not getting on with it :frowning:

it’s a shame as i loved RDR1 but it’s all the added layers of faffing about that anoyes me stupid gun oil and having to get my guns off my horse and if i forgot im fucked with just my pistols

Hehe and to me that’s what makes me love the game even more.