Picked this up from CDKeys for £11.99 (Normally £22) over the weekend as part of their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

Pretty solid Viking/Norse inspired oldskool RTS. Alongside the standard food/wood/stone/iron resource collection, it’s got some nice dynamics to contend with - like happiness, that effects your population growth - and it governed by a variety of factors, including population expectations… and obviously, beer.

Each year generates a Winter period where you have to rely on your stockpiled resources that you’ve accumulated, or you risk starving or freezing to death. There are also other natural events to contend with as the years go by.

Graphically, it is very clean. With each sector of the map acting independently from each other - so requires concentration of resource deployment. You can’t just mass an army in one area and expect them to run off defending everywhere automatically.

I’m only the 3rd campaign mission. Really enjoying it so far.


Beer! \o/

moar werdz