NowTV Sports down to £25pm

Not an affiliated link or anything - just a good deal.

Monthly Sports Passes on NowTV is only £25 at the moment - down from £33. Main thing is they are doing that price for 12 months - That’s cracking value if you’re into your sports: Football, Golf, Cricket, F1, NFL + Others.

I hate pay-per-view on sport. But it is what it is - and £25 isn’t bad imho. If we do go into a semi-lockdown again, having something to watch is worth while.

Hmm. My last deal was 120 for 10 months. Up front. Hoping for something like that again to tempt me back.

That’s a cracking deal if it was to come up again

yeah they did at the start of the 2019 football season. It was extended because of COVID closing the footy down early. I cant see then running it again. I would imagine demands is quite high at the moment with reduced crowds at live events etc so probably be about best you will get for a while.

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