Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti is approaching


So I just watched a couple of videos on the new RTX cards (2080 and 2080ti) and came away from them a little dissapointed!

The 2080 is equivalent to a 1080ti for a lot more money and the 2080ti is basically the titan so less people will end up owning that due to the price.

Both videos came to the conclusion that a 1080ti is a better buy if you are looking to get a high end GPU for now since its not even possible to test RTX stuff as aside from a few tech demos from Nvidia nothing uses it.

I’m genuinely looking forwards to seeing what the game devs can do with RTX but its looking likely that ill skip the first gen RTX cards for my upcoming PC build (with the 8086k at its heart) so the card of choice for me will probably be a 1080ti (my credit card is going to hate me! :crazy_face: )


Well I’m not suprised at all, so far all the videos I watched stated exactly what I was expecting. A promising new technology packaged in an overpriced new card. Give it 1-2 generations, let the technology mature and see actual games coming out using it.