Nvidia RTX 3070 / 3080 / 3090

Now you’ve got idiots who’ve not read the listings for 3060Ti’s on eBay, bidding on photos of them without realising. I put a watch on one (before eBay intervened and deleted it) and in the space of 30 minutes it had 20+ bids totalling over £500.


"Our next estimated date for stock to arrive is the 31st. As this is an estimated date it can come before or after this.

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3080ti on the cards!!

Also read about some leaks on 3060, 3050 and a 3070ti.



At this rate people will have 3080Ti’s before I get my launch 3080 …

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I calmed down a lot over getting a new GPU. My 1080Ti might not have all the fancy new features but its good enough to play 1440p and lower to mid details. I’ll get a 3080 or AMD equivalent when the prices normalise and I can actually get one without sacrificing my firstborn.

The only game I’m interested in right now aren’t that intense anyway, Guilty Gear and maybe Outriders.

Good luck to you guys who actually need one. Not that I would get into your way
of buying anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the one reason I am not cancelling haha. I’ll never be able to get an AIB for £649 for a VERY long time.

RTX 3060 Now added to the range

12GB G6 Memory

329, Dollars. Late Feb


1080p i9 performance below.



“Available Late February” …

… 2022?

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Possibly a tad optimistic? I’m not expecting to be able to get one until 2025 given the current shortages.


I’m sure the market will sit still until 2025 and we’ll all be waiting for this patiently…