Oculus Rift - Onward - 1st Person Shooter

I have only watched the video but impressed

Looks extremely similar to Pavlov that I’ve got and played on my Rift - Pavlov is smaller areas, but the gun operation is exactly the same.

Feels incredibly intuitive and I got to grips with it. I think Scott ( I think it was Scott) wasn’t a huge fan because of not being able to actually hold a ‘thing’ in your hands to represent a gun. I had no issue with that and found it really accurate… but I guess that’s personal preference.

I think the future of VR will be gaming houses; what I mean by that was highlighted on BBC Click, you pay your money at the door and you are presented with a VR rig, headset, gloves, plastic weapon etc. and then by yourself or with others you enter a room that has been designed to work with the VR gaming experience.

When these systems outdo PCs due to scale/graphics, I don’t think people will be able to keep up at home.

Maybe as a ‘thing’ to do - like corporate events, or like if you go paintballing or whatever… but wont replace the mainstream home market

i think a lot of the future will be standalone devices with their own platforms, but i think now it’s here that PC use for simulation/gaming won’t go away, it’ll always be around as some size of niche.

there’s a VR place you can go to here in town but it’s horrendously expensive(10 quid per 15 minutes now, used to be more), presumably because they’re paying off the hardware they’ve had to buy. The options for what to do seem limited because there’re no games for multiple people to play in the same space, so each person still needs their own room/space, sensors, back end PC etc. You could make a bespoke one i suppose, but in order to get a decent game out of it you need to convince someone to develop something aimed at that market, and they won’t get as many sales targeting venues as consumers, so i can’t see that being much other than a niche again. I’ve seen a few ‘experience’ things setup, but they’re relatively brief and seem more like an attraction so i don’t see them being the future of the whole technology, just another niche.

The one in town lets you do groups apparently, but you get a number of pods and then take turns, you’re not in an interactive/multiplayer environment.