Oh fuck... EVE

So, there is a free version of EVE Online now (has been for a while). My previous time with EVE ended back in August of 2010! For the sheer want of mining, I’ve downloaded the free version just to dabble a little bit again and see what the free one is like.

I have no idea if my accounts between Steam and the original account will sync up, but I hope so as I still had a few mining rigs out there.

It’s not this exciting, but this is a well-done video :smiley:

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I tried the free version out a while ago. Problem is that most of my ships were too high a lvl to play on the free account :frowning:

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I have completely forgotten how to play this! :smiley:

Doing the small tutorials when you first log in.

“Target the small enemies”… ummm, sorry station AI, there are none…

Guy vanished in second year at uni. Everyone just assumed he’d dropped out. Nope: EVE addiction.

He found a lady friend and discovered Plex isn’t the only attractive prospect that begins with the letter P.


I sank so much time into Eve, mostly in wormhole probing and exploration. Fuck that was enjoyable but by Jesus’ tiny nipples what a time hoover. Absolutely loved sneaking into wormholes, chasing down alien artefact shizzle then legging it before the gankers arrived. Also had a little fun with a fairly well kitted out ECM Scorpion for pvp - talk about being number one target lol

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I can’t even remember how long ago it was when I last played a bit of Eve!

I had an extended trial of it (I found a code somewhere that gave me 3 months!) but then decided to not subscribe.

I may have to put this into the same category as Ogame! Never go back!

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I’m tempted to get just 1 month and see if I enjoy the mining as much as I did before.

Hell, it’s something I can do while I crunch numbers for work :smiley:

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Well, that’s me back in. Buying a couple of months of game time in a sec - anyone know if the old ZiiP Corp is still a thing? Anyone still running it? I remember that you could set a percentage of sales money or bounty profits to skimmed for the Corporation to use on stuffs…there was talk of a station I think…

n0tch used to be the CEO I believe (Chyeen).

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So. It seems my Eve guy had his 8th birthday a few days ago, so Happy Birthday to him.

And looking through his local ship hangar I find that I was a mentalist ship hoarder;

Where it says “Crystal Terran’s Impairor” - yeah I found that ship floating near a planet…

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How did you get your old account back?

I downloaded it through Steam then logged in. It does an odd pop up login box that looks like this;

I spent a while trying to use that box but in the end my solution is to cancel it and use the one below;

That gave me the old account, then I activated the Omega paid account stuff through the in-game clicky. Don’t try and pay through Steam as the two systems don’t marry up.

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Tempted by this but it just seems far too intimidating.


“Fear is the mind killer…fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration…”


Enough of this has changed in the 7 years or so since I played it and with my memory being what it is, I’m jumping in a frigate and doing the introductory agent missions. I’d forgotten how beautiful Eve “space” is…just warping through systems is a hypnotic joy, the new jump gate graphics are a lovely Dr Who cross with Star Wars…

I’ve signed up for 3 months as well.

Not interested in PvP at all, never was, only about PvE and mining like a bastard.

Is PVE/PVP a choice? As in, are they separate areas/worlds/spaces/servers?

I really need to watch and beginners intro or something.