Oh fuck... EVE


I’m about tonight if we want to have another go at farming those Guardians Gala sites - if they keep dropping those skill augmenter things we can make a good deal of money…


I’m going to head out to Jita in my Thrasher and pick up a load of those scout autocannons and see if I can get some ammo blueprints for a few ammo types and for Nova missiles as well.


Right, I picked up 12 of the 150mm scout autocannons and BP for Phased-Plasma, Titanium Sabot (both small) and for Nova Heavy Missiles.

I’ve got a production run of 5,000 of each ammo type underway at the moment as well. I’ll dump 4,000 of the Nova into the Corp Hangar once the job is finished.

I am going to try and get myself a Large Cap Battery to see if I can actually fit another Medium armour repairer on the 'Cane so that I can tank a bit more. If I fit 2 of them, I can make the ship fully stable (or so the simulation says…).


As we discussed on Steam chat, I would drop the second rep and replace with a resist. Far more efficient.


Wasted a ton of money at lunch time. Found a Sleeper Data site a couple of jumps away from Palas in hi sec, could only scan it down to about 89%. I thought the quick fix would be to go and buy a T2 probe launcher as it gives you a 10% bonus to scanning strength. After buying 2 (one for the Buzzard one for the Astero) and putting one on I realised I couldn’t use it without training the relevant skill to 5…something like 14 days? :frowning:
So I looked at the bonuses to the Sisters Launcher - just as good (if not better) but just over 30 mill a pop. Bought 2, fitted one and flew back to the site. Best I could get was 91.8%. Turns out those boosts from levelling up are worth a good deal more than a few percentages from kit…

…that site must have been worth a fortune…


How annoying!

I’ll be about at some point tonight.


@NaloaC Here is the armour tanking skills I was talking about:




10 replies today, and I don’t understand any of them… :joy:


EVE is a monumental MMO in space.

The economy across the entire “New Eden” galaxy is player-driven. That’s why you see instances of incredible fraud, market manipulation, industrial espionage and pure, unadulterated robbery (often in real-world cash).

You are a “Capsuleer” who can choose pretty much any career path. Like Spoony said, you can sit in a station and never ever leave and just playing the markets to make profit. You can go raiding in ships against NPC factions of varying degrees of difficulty. You can go into the null-sec space, where there are no NPC “police” (called CONCORD) and let loose the hounds of war, but be prepared to get utterly annihilated if you piss the wrong guy off. You can mine, mine and mine some more to generate huge amounts of wealth from the ores that can be mined from asteroid belts, or venture into null-sec space, hunting for rare ores that are worth a small fortune if you get a good haul.

You research skills for all manner of abilities to control ships, equipment, management, industry, fabrication, markets. Skill training goes from taking minutes to months as the skills become more elaborate for more complex aspects of the game.

This is Excel, but shit blows up, and you better not be in a rush to do anything because it all takes time.

There is a free-access level to the game, where you get some of the basic ships available to you and there are missions you get from every station where you can gain reputation for the respective industries (security, marketting, courier, deliveries, mining, all out war).

If you want to see if it’s for you, sign up for a free account and try the basic game and run through the tutorial missions and see if it takes your fancy.

I’ve only put 4 months into the game or thereabouts and received a lot of help from n0tch and Spoon with guidance and ISK (basic in-game currency) to buy shinier things. Some of the ships literally take years to train in order to fly them. I’ve been enjoying it, and the fact that skills train even when you’re logged off means that you have a constant level of progression which is nice.

Get the freebie version, see if you like it.


I never thought I would try it Phantz. Used to watch my brother play it and think fuck that. I don’t want to click on a enemy ship and tell my ship to circle it 20k out while it auto fires at the enemy ship. I want full control over my ship (this was a while ago…not sure how its changed now). But I tried it…and loved it. It does grip you and drag you in. The learning curve is bigger than n0tch…sorry…3 x bigger than n0tch…but with Cal, n0tchyp00 and schpooooon there…you will learn fast.

I wish I could go back to it but I can’t afford the monthly sub for the time I would play…and most of my nice ships I can’t play on the free account.

Give it a go buddy


Fankoo peoples :slight_smile:
The inevitable question… and I appreciate the answer isn’t straightforward… What “type” do I start as - IF I try it? And I not fussed on PVE stuffs - it’s an ages old game, so I won’t ever be anywhere near competative…


Well as far as “Types” go, the factions you can play are:

Gallente : Hybrid blasters and coil guns
Amarr: Beam energy weapons
Caldari: Missiles
Minmatar: All the bullets

Once you pick that, then you can do whatever role you fancy. It is waaaay to deep to cover here.

One thing to mention though with combat, it is click to attack. You do not “fly” your ship in first person. There is no “twitch”. It is all to do with range, know your enemy’s resists and damage types. That is a very basic overview.


Traded in the Tengu and got a Proteus.


Jesus christ just how many skill points do you have? I’ve trained almost to the point that I can fly the Tengu but really now that I know more about the game I would rather have trained for the Prot. But I think it would probably take me months of training to get there at this stage…


Who is training for what in Eve at the mo? Be interested to see what peoples current goals are. I just went through a period of chopping and changing which is the worst thing you can do really.

Early career I went Caldari and therefore shield tank and missiles. This led to the Drake for mission running which has a great tank, not so great for PvP due to low relative dps though. From there I went into the exploration side of things and skilled scanning, relic and data analysers, cloaking and even bomb launchers and torpedoes to make use of the stealth bomber frigates. Then finally into the other strength of Caldari - e-war. More recntly I skilled into being able to fly the exploration frigate Astero, I think I did the absolute basics to unlock the Tengu (but not enough to get the best out of it)…but then it all went a bit weird. I spent some time learning mining barges and bought a Procuror, but haven’t skilled into tech 2 mining modules. I skilled into Amarr frigates so I can be prepped to assist with the Mining Missions that pop up in system…
Now I’m back to pushing both relic and data analysing from 4 to 5 in order to get more virus strength when hacking, and I have Astrometrics 5 in the que to make scanning down the hardest signal possible…I guess overall goal for me is - short term supporting others but long term capitalising on exploration and scanning skills.

Long enough? :smiley:


I’m currently trying to bump up my Minmatar bonuses on Armour, Damage Resistance and Small/Medium Turrets.

I’m saving that quarter million skill point injection for something big, probably for the Hull Upgrades research.


I have quite a lot of base starship skills at level 4 or 5 so actually flitting about T2 or T3 ships doesn’t take me too long. That base did take a fuck ton of time though. I should be lvl 3 in the Proteus and all it’s subsystems by the end of the week. Then it’ll be the drudge to 4 and maybe 5. After that Mining Drones to lvl 5 for the Orca.

My Mining/Trade char is currently training transport ships to lvl 5 for some reason. Might change that to a mining skill soon.


To answer your question, I think I have around 63 million SP.


I think it makes a difference where in the Universe you start as well…?


The faction you choose will dictate the region you start in.