Oh fuck... EVE


@NaloaC let me jump on the tail end of one of his missions - ended with some kind of infested station which we decided to blow up in the name of pew!





Ok, that is our new motto for this!

Our supplier, who art in station,
Hallowed be thy manufacturing skill,
The targets come,
Thy ammo spent,
In High as it is in Null.

Give us this login, our daily ammo feeds,
And forgive us our poor loadouts,
As we riddle blood raiders, who use loadouts against us.
And lead us not to Blueprints,
But deliver us from poor loot.

All in the name of Pew.


Not sure if you guys pay in to the game for the currency but Humble have a 50% off deal at the mo - link.


Aye, saw that. Considering it actually.

It’s €10 a month for the game (silly expensive). That deal is €50 for 3 months, but with a few billion in-game currency worth of stuff. Will sit on it for another day, then decide.

There are 3 other titles out this week that I want to pick up as well :confused:


Interesting. The £5.99 pack gives you a month of play, some Astero skins and 110 plex in-game to sell… even just buying that without the billions of isk makes a decent saving… if I’m reading it right


So, I bought a Naga, called it the USS Sulaco :wink: @vredesbyrd


How much time would I need at the start? I’m toying with the £5.99 thing, even though I 've no idea WTF plex is. :rofl:


None really mate, the early part is free to play with a skill point cap a looooooong way off!

Just not sure its really your bag though, babe! Try free, meet up with us and see what you think :wink:


What’s this? A brave little mining frigate all alone in wormhole…with mining drones instead of protection drones…he might need assistance…

But wait, is that a bounty I see? He’s a WANTED MAN you say!!! Oh, well, since I’m all cloaked and in my explorer MURDERER!!! IN THE NAME OF PEW!!!


Stunning work sir! :smiley:

Not a huge drop, but a solid kill nonetheless! HUZZAH!


That feeling when 70 million ISK goes up in smoke because you’re not paying attention hacking in hi-sec and the can you fail to hack detonates on a single fail, instantly destroying the ship BUT leaving tons of stuff floating in space, just as the NPC enemies turn up making you panic and warp out before you remember to drop a bookmark so you can come back for the wreck…

Yeah that. ffs


Also, stay away from Jita over the weekend if you’re in anything that can freight - shit is getting burned!


We never got to run the Guardian Gala…

Is it still on?

Could certainly do with those training modules!


GG finished on 27th Feb…

But if you want to red and get Concorded, join Goonswarm in Jita this weekend for “Burn Jita” because Goons!


Right, staying the fuck away from Jita this weekend then!

Cheers for the heads-up!


So, I’m still slowing working my way through this 7-stage mission series in Danera. Running all 7 steps lets me get a 1-time chance at a simple courier mission that increases my standing with another agent. If I want access to the 2nd agent on a regular basis, I will have to keep running this (2nd agent is a resource wars agent).

Step 1: Get to dead-space.


Step 3: After running to a player station a few times to survive and repair for free, finally clear it and take in 2 Million in rewards and bounties.

There was a lot of pew!


Those screenies are great! Love being in the middle of pew, when I know it won’t cost me a ship!

How often do you need to use that second armour repper? If you’re warping to a station for a quick repair anyway is it worth swapping it out and trying for another dps low slot? Drone damage amp? Tracking?


During the initial stages, I absolutely need it. I was tanking down to 50% structure while making sure I was knocking out a few cruisers. I run them staggered, so that I have a steady 247 points of armour restored every 5 seconds.

Once I clear out about 25% of the targets, then I can deactivate one of them and then keep my cap stable and tank while I keep my distance.

I had to warp out to “Booze in the front, Poker in the back” player station about 4 times that mission. Thank goodness for the free repairs and replenish.


Just got went into a wormhole and immediately have someones probes on the d-scan. I bookmark the exit and warp to a moon cloaked, then back to the wormhole at 100km, flying away from it and keep checking the d-scan. The probes disappear - did he spot me coming in? I play the waiting game and get rewarded - an Astero pops up on d-scan. If I’d already had the sites scanned down I’d be able to swap ships and get the jump on him - he must be running the sites. I wait to see what happens - 2 minutes in and a second Astero pops up on d-scan quickly followed by Hobgoblin II’s - he’s been jumped! A long 10 seconds tick by before the defending Astero deploys his drones - 3 Warrior I’s?? It’s over quite quickly - the first Astero is replaced on the d-scan by his pod, which quickly disappears. The remaining Astero picks the wreckage clean, grabs the remaining drones and slips back into cloak…the patient spider returning to the centre of his web, the silent hunter returning to the deep…

The Killmail