Oh fuck... EVE


TL:DR - missed an easy kill in a WH.

After finding nothing but wormholes all over the place, no sites to run in 6 system run, I came back to a system a couple of jumps from Palas and decided to chance my arm in a wormhole. Not finding anything but wormholes means that someone else is going through doing all the sites before I get there, which can also mean that someone else is sat in a wormhole waiting for an easy kill.

I go into the wormhole and there’s a Venture on d-scan. I bookmark the wormhole home and try to find somewhere I can warp to that will be off-grid to him where I can de-cloak and drop probes. I know he’s mining but he’s at a scannable site, so I can’t get to him until I scan the site down (or scan him down with combat probes, but seeing those on d-scan is more likely to make someone run). There’s nowhere outside of d-scan range so I risk bouncing to a moon, dropping cloak, dropping probes, warping back to the wormhole bookmark and cloaking en-route. That’s when I discover that the wormhole has collapsed…the return route to Palas is gone for both of us.

This is annoying for 2 reasons, firstly it means a long run back to Palas from wherever the next wormhole takes me to (they tend to be replaced reasonably quickly in the wormholes), but mostly because I’m not going to be able to quickly jump into a murder ship to kill this guy. I start scanning everything down in the system now, finding another exit wh into hi sec plus the gas site this guy is mining. I warp to it and get to 50km from him (check the bio - he’s only a couple of months old and in an NPC corp), drop a bookmark and head for that exit. If I’m really lucky I can get out, get home, swap ships and come back. I exit the wormhole and I’m 2 jumps from Jita - quite a few jumps from Palas.
I get home, swap ships, head back to the system, jump through the hole and I’m amazed that he’s still there on d-scan! He now has probes out though, so he’s finished mining and realised the exit has gone. I warp to the bookmark but he’s not there. I warp to the old wh exit in case he’s sat there - nope. His probes disappear - he’s found the new exit. Dammit - I warp to the new exit…but he’s gone. Ffs. I can’t even run any of the sites in the hole as I’m in the murder ship, not the explorer…

Another long trip back to Palas…


Ah that’s a pity. Could have been a nice handy kill, especially if you got his ore haul as well!

There’s always next time.

I’m probably going to head to Jita this evening or wherever I can pick up a drone damage amplifier module and finish up the 7-phase mission string and then do the Resource Wars op again.


Poop! Lost the Astero now as well! Was running a hi sec Sleeper Data site and flew into a cloud of acid - was dead before I could turn the ship around! Death by complacency yet again lol. At least I could salvage the wreck this time…


Someone from another corp has opened their doors to us - offering all kinds of shiny shiny in null-sec. I was chatting in the help channel about how faction warfare works and a guy from the corp messaged me asking if I was interested in pvp. Convo unfolded into him offering to take all of us into their corp in null-sec. He was giving good advice and I kind of felt obliged to tell him I’d mention it to the corp - so here I am :slight_smile: Mentioned :sunglasses:


That’s nice of him!

Also, that’s a lot of Jury Rigging skill books… What gives?


One of about 3 that keep turning up in exploratation sites , almost worthless


Righty, I’ve re-stocked on ammunition for the arty (missions are eating through the damn stuff!) and I am now on my way to pick up a batch of Hobgoblin II’s for myself. I would get a BP for them, but I don’t have the materials needed to produce them.

Might pick up Drone Damage Amplifier if I can find it for under 2Mill in the area.


So, the new upgrades work nicely.

Figured the best way to run that 7-step mission when the enemy number are high is to align to a player station, turn on the Micro Warp Drive, blast past the slower cruisers until I’m at a range where they can’t effectively hit me and pick off the smaller ships as they close the gap. Then fire up the MWD again, repeat. Only had to go get a heal from the station twice, as opposed to 5 or 6 times the last time I did it.

Netted a nice 3.2 Million ISK from the mission and bounties, but I had spent about 5.4 million on drones already :smiley:


Equipment + planning = isk!!


I need to get back to mining again. I’ve been manufacturing so much ammunition of late it’s almost making a dent in my Veldspar reserves :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i went through 2,500 rounds of artillery ammo yesterday.


Well it’s looking like Steph might be away for a few days this week, until the weekend, so if I can drag myself away from making and losing fortunes in exploration ventures I’ll join you for a bit :slight_smile:

Or we could run those level 4s in Palas, once your ammo stocks are replen’d…


Oh, I cranked out 30,000 rounds overnight :smiley:

I’ve got plenty of dakka and there are still 10,000 missiles in the Corporation Hangar for yourself too.

We could try running the Sulaco as the main fire barge with Sleipnir running as fire support and interceptor.


This sounds like good dakka!! Pew for the Pew god!!


All for the Pew!

If you can hit targets at 90Km, then we should easily be able to dish out some pain and select our targets nicely.

Hopefully we can get our standings up a bit and be able to do some resource war events too.

I ran through the belts in Palas last night as well hunting those Inquisitor RATS, but didn’t find anything. Still don’t want to take the Retriever out with them roaming the belts.


I’m going to buy at least one MTU for mission running - here’s the INT on them. I’ve come across others using them but it’s a new one to me since coming back. In short, it seems they cost about 7 mill, tractor in and loot all wrecks within 125km and have a capacity of 27,000 m3. You warp into the mission area, drop one (bookmark the position) and start killing stuff, it does the looting while you work. If you have 2 you could warp into a second room and do the same, leaving the first to tidy up behind you. My plan is then to warp to station and jump into the Jack Burton salvager and come and collect everything in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken…might take the drudgery out of salvaging and dropping the time improves the isk vs time ratio.


Fuck me, they seem quite handy! Useless in the instance of combat against rogue drones, but otherwise they would be useful for quick and easy loot hauling. Create a separate hangar in the Corp Hangar and we can scrounge what we need from it and sell the rest.

The level 4 ops in Palas might be good for bounties, but I have no idea how they are for looting. We could also try some local-space WH ops as well.

So much to choose from! :smiley:


Lost another Buzzard! Logged in while still chatting to wife, no-one in local so all safe, saw a mobile tractor unit on d-scan. Scanned it down thinking I’d bookmark it and maybe come back in the Manticore and pop it if there’s anything in it. Then I though, seeing as there’s no-one in system I might as well quickly warp to zero and see if I can open it or see what was there.

It had been dropped on a huge alien Drone assembly right in the middle of a combat zone. Because I’d warped to zero it meant I was de-cloaked. Because it was practically embedded in the structure I couldn’t see which way I needed to be moving to get away from the structure. The frigates targeted me meaning I could no longer cloak even once I got freed from the wreck, and I couldn’t see where I was trying to warp to, so they blew me up with the “warping” speed bar bouncing around the zero mark…oh well. 60 mill on the ship plus fits, plus maybe 40 mill in the hold. 28 jumps later and I’m back in Jita buying and fitting the Carl Sagan IV :rage:



Christ on a bike fella… you’re going to be destitute and mining in a rifter soon at this rate! :smiley:


Hey Hey, Sorry haven’t been reading the forum for some time.

ZiiP is heading back into EVE Online. Count me in!

The ZiiP Empire still exist which is under control of one of my characters, so I can get things kickstarted again if required.

I’m going to start downloading EVE now!


oi oi Nasty!

n0tch is one of the officers in the Corp as well, so he sorted us out with the membership and we got a Corp Hangar now in Palas for stocking stuff.

Myself and Spoony are farting about at the moment with missions and losing ships :smiley:

n0tch hasn’t been on much recently, but no doubt he’s busy as hell.