Oh fuck... EVE


There are PvE missions given by agents in stations and are generally in High Security space.

PvP stuff happens in null-sec (no NPC security ships) where you will get ganked, fucked, raped, destroyed and anally ravaged.


I might try out the free shit before I go paying $15 a month. Maybe.


Reading around the Steam reviews, absotively not for me. The community sounds like one big human dumpster fire.

It is a real fucking shame that so many games like this seem to attract the absolute worst of humanity.



Have a look for a youtube video called “What EVE is REALLY like”…

I just want to mine things, run some simple PvE stuff with Spoon and whoever else and enjoy. Couldn’t be arsed dealing with people.

Thankfully, there is no need to interact with the community as a whole or even in part.


To be fair, I’ve been monitoring the help channel most of the time I’m on and the guys in there are nothing but patient and helpful. But it’s true, suicide ganking in this game is a thing. So far never happened to me though…


I wasn’t the CEO. Cheeyn is NastyPasty I think. I believe he still plays.

Once I get back from Canada in Feb, I’ll sign up again. I believe I have an Orca ready to boost those mining numbers :slight_smile:

I think some group missions will be fun as well.


Aha, I thought it was you! :smiley:

There was A LOT of russian chatter in the Corps comms yesterday and I thought my eyesight was going when I couldn’t read it :smiley:

Myself and Spoony ran a simple mission mission yesterday, just getting some basic concentrated Veldspar in Palas II. Spoony ran security while I mined in my Retriever. My drones helped to keep me intact against Rats, but Spoony was needed when the 2nd wave arrived. My Hammerheads and Hobgoblin were just about dealing with them.

Spoon had actually just started a 15-jump run to a station for a couple of books for ourselves when I cried for help! :smiley:

2,945,800 ISK after taxes. 75,000 bonus for completing an “assignment” or whatever they are.

1.2 Million ISK to Spoony, 1.8 Million to me :slight_smile:

Gonna mine like a mofo today.


Huzzah! I spent a few hours last night just looking at what ships I have and how many of them are going to have to be re-fitted, so many updates and changes. I’m also skill training into mining as most of my skills went into combat, should be able to run a mining barge by the end of the week though.

So much stuff to re-acquaint with…


I’m running a solo mining op at the moment whilst reviewing a design and construction spec report for work :smiley:


I’m jealous. Sat in work and it’s dead, but I’m the only one in the office today so I have to be here. Might not even get away for lunch :frowning:

Have you had a look at alternative mining sites for greater profit? Is there some risk/reward margin we can nudge towards or is the risk of a gank too great? I have whatever the Badger is now called for long hauls of huge freight if there’s somewhere we can ship stuff to…


We’re in 0.5 security, so the profits vs safety is ok for me at the moment unless I can figure out how to get more drones in my bay. I might see if I can find a few more Hammerheads or even a blueprint for them.


Drone bay and drone sizes are set I believe, can’t change it unless changing the size of the drones. But this is where we need to look at fleet composition. If there’s only one mining then a lower sec is a bad idea due to gank/harder rats. If there’s 2 mining then 2 sets of drones should be enough defence. If there’s one mining and one defending in some kind of attack craft then the lower sec is more viable, but I think 2 mining, both with defence drones will probably mine more and net more value…



I’d be up for putting that to the test with some basic mining rigs, rather than risking the retriever.


Yeah I think we’re better off sitting in hi sec with 2 retrievers - the drones should work out fine vs the rats then and as you demonstrated we’re still raking in the ISK


Yeah, I’m just doing Conc. Veld. at the moment since it’s so abundant, but might go after Pyroxene or something as that has a higher ISK/m3 value.

If we have 2 retrievers, with expanded cargoholds, we’re looking at about 6 million just from that between the two of us. 6 drones should be able to fight off pretty much any rats. I think I still have space for another 2 though.


Any advice wtf to do? I tried loading up an old account and I’m even more lost then last time. There are too many frigging buttons and the tutorial is a dead end! Maybe I should just delete the chracter and start over… .


Yeah I got confused when I logged back in, information overload! A couple of basic suggestions from me that might help;

  1. where are you? Both Caolan and I are at Palas II
  2. Do you have any ships? What kind?
  3. Top left there is a little button to open the character sheet. Find something to put in your training que - I forgot they train while you’re logged off so if you can, add a couple to extend the que beyond when you’re next on. This might depend on the following…
  4. Have you re-subbed or are you just using the freebie account? Freebie accounts only allow access to a certain size/tier of ship (still plenty of them) but the way they limit use is by capping your skills.
  5. There is a chat box bottom left. One of the tabs is for beginners and they seem surprisingly helpful - I tried to resist spamming them with questions though to avoid being a pain.

Both Caolan and me had difficulty initially getting back into our old accounts, see above posts.


I just had a flashback of using my explorer and probing down anomalies - you sometimes find rare mineral fields but I’ve no idea how that works anymore. Pretty sure they had some kind of tough NPC spawns though - I’ll look into it.


Well, just finished doing a Pyroxene mining run. After taxes and a -26.5% drop in unit price, still came out with an extra 2.7 Million ISK. Took out 3 lots of Rats too. Drones need a bit of TLC and I’m thinking I might swap out my 2 Hammerheads for an extra 4 Hobgoblins.

Heading off to a career agent now to focus on the mining aspect of things a bit more.

I’ll be trying out Kernite mining later on with dedicated mining crystals for a better yield.


How is it set up?
Found this - note the drones;
[Retriever, Ore Retriever T2]
Modulated Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Mining Laser Upgrade I
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Hornet EC-300 x5
Hobgoblin II x3

All very well for an all rounder but someone suggested that fitting your retriever to tank is a waste - always go for yield otherwise you’re wasting potential revenue over time. Makes sense…