Oh fuck... EVE


Always go for a “speed tank” on an ORE ship as Spoony says. Get the enemy down quick and at range so you don’t have to take dmg at all. I would try to get to HobGob IIs asap. They kill all rats super quick.


I’m going to search for a Hobgoblin II Blueprint then. Make it easier to make them.

I have enough resources to build a Minmatar Battlecruiser… I can make some fuckin’ drones :smiley:


I am imagining some good missions being run as well. If you guys can slow down the ships in a mission, my Navy Issue torp Raven can annihilate most things, the issue is always catching the fuckers.

Watching 8 torps hit a BS is GFX porn.


I’m also going to remap the fuck out of my character and take away all his personality :smiley:


Remind me - how does that work against pve? Webifiers? Is that what you mean?

P.S. I also rock a Raven, don’t think it’s Navy ish though…

P.P.S. I also have a Scorpion - for when you want zero incoming damage :wink:


Yep Stasis Webifiers. Comes under the umbrella of “Tackling”. I love tackling, get in a inteceptor with lots of EW and speed boosts, set an orbit around the target ship, AB and cripple the fuck out of it while going too fast to get hit. Small drones become annoying though.



Yeah I have a Rifter and I think a Condor set up for tackling, need to look at state of the build though, some slots have changed


Ack, still reading this thread and I’m still so tempted…


TBH Vred, unless you go null sec and get into the incredibly toxic politics of Alliances, all you’ll have to put up with is a few 0.4 gankers. Some of which were actually nice guys, they just have different accounts for doing “dubious” activities, but when on their “friendly” account actually have a chat and help you try to combat their nefarious alter egos. We had experience of this first hand. Wonder if some of the guys remember the Basgerin system?


It’s actually incredibly deep and layered, the sand-box advertising is entirely accurate PLUS you can be killed any time. If you are shot at by a player in a high security system that player (ship) is destroyed by the police once they get there - which takes them up to about 30 seconds (iirc). If they destroy your ship then no biggie, you probably had insurance on it, right? Unless you’re new in which case it was a cheap ship and you’ll get it back in no time.

The only times the game ever really pi55ed me off was when I got podded (when your ship is destroyed you are left in a lifeboat style pod in space - immediately head for nearest station to get a free shuttle) when I was drunk and left the station when I shouldn’t have. Guy destroyed my ship then my pod as well. If you have implants in your clone those are both very expensive and very lost when you are podded.

The security system works very well in putting people off ganking. There are low level security systems (0.0) where there are literally no police and you better have a good reason or good ship or good cover for being there.

Frankly it’s an astounding game for the age of it, even with its issues. The wormhole exploration alone is enough to keep me coming back. Even watching ships mine for hours on end is fun with friends in space - baseball cap and beer can obligatory…


0.4 space is the first step outside the playground and is good fun.

I would like to do some wormhole stuff, Spoon.


You’ve just reminded me of all those “entering spoony’s hole” jokes… #goodtimes


A few questions then!

I see that mining is obviously an activity and there are PVP and PVE dangers involved, but what about other activities or missions? Can you take contracts for trade/transport/etc? Do any activities or missions involve battling AI? If you battle AI what rewards are there?


Oh yes!

There are courier missions, which can take a while, but can also yield great rewards and ISK (in-game currency).
There are exploration missions, where you go and seek out new worlds and new civilisa… sorry, wrong theme, I mean wormholes. Scan them, probe them, warm them up a little bit (be gentle unless asked otherwise) and various other industry tasks.

PvE is generally against Pirates and rouge elements and their salvage can yield lots of nice goodies.


Can you guys stop talking about this plz! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in a similar situation as Vred now…I might take a peek…

…and see if I can get my old ship back (cant remember what the hell it was but it was fast!) and I may have more than one.


I know what you mean cheddles. I would love to get back into it but can’t justify the time or money on it…and would have to pay sub for it as my nice ships I can’t use on the free account :frowning:


Not being able to justify the sub was my reason for not subscribing when I had my extended trial st00kz! I’d not put enough time into it to justify the cost.


Just mentioned it to Kate and she said she’s been thinking about it on and off since Uni where a few of her mates played it.

We’re going to install it and jump on together, hopefully to join @NaloaC and @spoonlamp at some point!


Stop making want to play this game!



This is quicksand. Not unlike Ogame, but with no fucking fleetsaving.