Oh fuck... EVE


I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the foetus going to gestate?! You going to keep it in a box?!

And we descend into MP quotes…

On a serious note, storage modules reduce speed, so in a belt that has spaced out (not in a wooooo way) rocks, you may be better off with yield mods. Horses for courses.

Also, @NaloaC, have you got into https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Planetary_Interaction ? I think it’ll be right up your street. I had good fun with it.


A good piece of advice when mining is always align to a station for insta warps away from danger. Bit more of a requirement in 0.4 and lower, but it’s best to get into practice.



I’ve not had any Users visit me in Palas II (0.5 Security), but the Hobgoblins are decimating the Rats that come to say hello.


I’ve gotta stop fucking up shopping trips! Bought a planetary command centre, went 18 jumps into low-sec space… in a burst. They have fuck all storage. I need 1000m3 to haul this damn thing.

Yet again, had to go back to Palas II, then all the way back to the centre…

This is loooong!


I done got ganked. :frowning:


Jesus, I can’t leave you alone out there can I?? :laughing::laughing:


I got jumped by 5 players right outside the station :confused:

Thankfully it was only a wreathe and a command centre.

Getting my battlecruiser now. Consolidating all my stuff to Palas II.


We hunt.


Is Jita still the center off all things tradey?

I have a char that is just based there, just so I can get price checks on stuff.


Where was that? Did it trigger Concord?


But you said I was the only one…


It wouldn’t have done if he was in low sec. 18 jumps the quickest against probably 34 jumps with no low sec.

“Fuck it, i’ll be fine…” :wink:


Yup, skipped that part.


It was all 0.4 - 0.7 security until the last 2 jumps, which were into 0.3.

I had actually gotten to my destination, picked up my command centre (was going to dump one on Palas). It was just when I exited the station.

Webbed… disabled… doomed. Then they killed my capsule. Bastards.


You knew the risks, capsuleer…

Do you like the PI concept? Was bought in a while ago and I am sure it has gone through a lot of changes. Tis a nice little side activity.


I like the concept of being able to make money for little effort :smiley:

Costly enough to get into, never mind the actual feasibility of it all. Will see if there are any safer places to buy a CC from.

Going to idle my retriever in the belts today and just rake in Veldspar.


I have covert ops ships. I can sit outside stations and monitor your route. Hell I could even drop a bomb on them. Would like to see the kill report and look at what they flew…


Where might one find such a report?



I think you just type in your characters name. I can’t check it from work sadly…



I can see bits of that from work - shows capsule only and only one guy, I can’t work my way around and find the actual ship kill. Also, the guy was using an expensive exploration ship - Stratios?, a new one since I last played - was he cloaked when you came out? I think the thing is quite drone heavy…is it possible it was just one guy and he nailed you with just drones?