Oh fuck... EVE


Didn’t play over the weekend, was away, tried to catch up with some play last night and came up pretty much empty handed after loads of anomalies and wormholes checked. Got chased out of one wormhole by an Astero - D-scanner spam for the win. Well, for the survival! Also scanned down a very difficult data site in hi sec, it produced a gate (first for me) which led to a stupidly hard data site - most of the objects were in what turned to not be a pretty cloud, but was in fact radiation which nearly destroyed my ship!

I’ll try again at lunch - my logic is that it’s a lot quieter during lunch so I should have more chance of catching these after they’ve spawned plus have less competition for them…


I’ve not run any additional missions for security ops recently, only been doing som AFK mining in the background and didn’t touch EVE over the weekend.

Building up a large ore reserve of various types, but mainly Fiery Kernite while I still have the Kernite Mining Crystals working (almost burnt out and will need to be replaced).

Currently sat on 150 Million ISK worth of ores, slightly more if everything is refined.

I’ve got Astrogeology 5, Mining Upgrades 5, Kernite Processing 5 and Veldspar Processing 5 in the skills queue and it’s going to take another 29 days to get done.

Saving the 761K skill points for something special I think.


:smile: :smile: To equip a tier 2 relic scanner or hacker the relevant skill (separate) needs to be level 5 - I think both are about 34 days each! I discovered this after a 28 jump trip to Jita to buy them…


Ouch! Then again, if you’re netting 10-20 million in a good scanning session, you’re onto a fucking winner and then some! :smiley:

Mining is a slow, tedious process, but it’s reliable.

The intent is to get a very solid stash of raw materials for use with blueprints. Then I can mass-produce stuff, even Retrievers and sell on the market.

Still looking at planetary stuff, but I need a method of getting the damned units to Palas II for setting up.


Aha! Ok from now on you’re getting all the blueprints I find. My brain cannot deal with travelling to Jita, paying a fee to create a contract for something I don’t know the value of and then trying you figure out what I’m supposed to do when I get a message saying “your contracts require attention”…


I really want to make Hobgoblin II units, but it requires Morphite, which is only in Null-sec space, so it will require either going through a wormhole to an asteroid field, or venturing into null-sec space and fighting things off.

Hell, I’m not even sure I can mine the damn stuff with strip miners, I think it’s deep-core mining.

I might make up a smaller mining rig for that, I only need 1 unit of Morphite per HGII.


Is it only null-sec or WH also? In null-sec you can at least see how many others are there with you, but you never know if your site has already been scanned down and bookmarked. In wh space no-one shows up in local until they chat in local, but there’s far less chance of people just hanging about a mining site on the off chance that someone comes to mine it. Keeping an eye on the d-scanner can let you know the moment someone’s probes start scanning the site down…

If you can mine it in a frigate then there’s a pretty good chance we can ninja mine some, but no matter which way we do it there will be risk :wink: If you want to risk it I’ll start checking for Morphite in the mining sites. When I’m scanning things down in wormholes as soon as I see it’s not data or relic (or another wh if I’m looking to go deeper) I hit ignore from scan results usually, makes the scanning quicker, but it won’t add too much time to scan them down and check them out. Would need to be a booked slot for me though, cos I couldn’t give you cover long enough over lunch.

I’m thinking scan down a site, get lucky and find the Morphite, bookmark the site, come back to you, share bookmark, swap into either the Astero or my Stealth Bomber as a bit of a deterrent then sit in the belt watching d-scan for scanning probes…alternately of course I could give you the bookmarks (or take you there) and just leave you to it; stay aligned to the exit wormhole, spam V (d-scan shortcut) and warp out the moment you feel the need…


IF you come across Morphite (I think that’s what it’s called) in a WH, then having your heavy Missile platform bastard ship alongside me would give me the confidence to take the retriever. I can comfortably leave the Drones behind to fight if we need to make a hasty exit.

This will require some planning to say the least.

Morphite sells for something like 11,000 ISK a unit… Imagine getting 25,000M3 of the damned stuff!


Check this madness - where was he taking this cargo to???


63 Million! Oh boy that’s gotta sting.

Must have been for a contract for a corp or he had some ambitious accounts!


Is EVE an advanced form of Ogame? just how it reads.


Pretty much.

There is space-shooty stuff in real-time, but it’s more a case of “right-click on target, select appropriate action, hope”.

Excel is a thing with the economy.



Literally 10 minutes in hi-sec and I ninja this out from under a guy hacking a container 5km from me - first hack;

The next 45 minutes gets me nothing but wormholes and these horrible horrible things;


What the ballsack are they? They look like they’d be worth a bounty and a bit!


Sleepers - massive drones basically, and yeah clearing a site like that will net you a nice packet, plus I’d imagine those relic boxes they’re protecting are worth a LOT…


By the way, note the position of my chat and D-scan box - constantly tapping v to make sure I’m alone…


A good evening. When it pays off, it pays off BIG!


Holy fuck balls! :open_mouth:


That 73 million from last night? All gone! When you risk it you better be prepared to lose it!

I was checking the D-scanner while doing the last hack at a site when a Proteus turned up on the scan. For about 5 seconds I played with the idea of running immediately but then thought “he’ll need to drop probes to scan the site down before he can get to me I may as well finish”. By the time I’d had that thought I realised that he wasn’t dropping probes and was in fact 30km away. Just as I realise this and right click to bring up the warpables he warp scrambles me - that’s all she wrote. Pop! I’ve already bought and put together The Carl Sagan II though, no biggie - good lesson learned ;).

Here’s the killmail showing how much I lost;