Oh fuck... EVE


Bloody hell that was a profitable kill for him! :frowning:


He lost a lot more when he got popped in his Astero a couple of days ago :wink:


Stop making me want to play This!


Gave it a quick go the other day. Don’t think it’s for me



I should be flying around. I’m going to have to sell a fuck-ton of ores to afford a new Hurricane, never mind all the fittings.

Need to get a blueprint for heavy missiles as well.


I’ma pop on for a few minutes but pc is in bedroom, daughter is home for weekend and will sleep in our room tonight - bedtime soon for her. Tuesday wifey is taking her to a friends for the day and the night so will be about for along stint then if anyone is about?


Tuesday night is better for me actually.


Tuesday it is then! :slight_smile:


Just come out of a hole to nulsec and had to leave 7 relic and 6 data sites unchecked (wifey pressure). From a single one of those (rushed) I got 6 mill worth of stuffs…and one I couldn’t crack which blew up in my face. Glad those don’t deal damage on explosion…


I think this was the second or perhaps third ship I was able to fly in Eve - the Caldari “Cormorant”. It’s had a lovely skin overhaul since the last time I used it and I’ve just spent about 4 mill re-fitting it for…I don’t know what for lol. As a destroyer it’s meant to be good at frigate killing and it has 7 turrets to do so, but the belt rats that we’ve been coming across lately would melt this thing. Those 3 stub-like arms on the sides (mirrored on the other side) are missing the turrets - this was on my way to collect them, in warp to the next gate en route;


Fuck me those Caldari ships are pretty!


Fuck the RATS, I’m going for a Battleship with fucktons of short-range Autocannons and Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers.

I got a blueprint for Mjolnir Heavy Missiles! Going to make ALL of the ammo now.

Also, I need to figure out if I can run more than 5 drones…


There is a mythical ship which I think is no longer in production which could run 6 drones at once…the Vexor. It’s rare and coveted, check it on the market and on the killboards, it’s a target. Other than that - good luck training into carriers :slight_smile:

EDIT: Carriers don’t use drones anymore, they’re technically called “fighters” - not sure of the difference…


Right, screw that then! :smiley:

I’ve got 2 levels of Battleship researched last night and done 2 levels on Missile Tracking.

5,000 units of Mjolnir Heavy Missile production is complete.

The idea today and tomorrow (until we team up) is to just run Pyroxeres mining to get a bit of Mexallon production done. I’ve burnt out my Kernite mining crystals, so my mining progress on that ore is now halved. Going to have to wait on Kernite Processing 5 to complete before I reprocess the ore stash that I have. It yields a couple million extra ISK if I sell the refined ores.

I’d like to get Rail turrets researched if I can, rather than use artillery cannons, just for the turret tracking rates and high DPS. Against slower targets, the artillery cannons can dish out the pain, but against frigates, they’re useless.


Carriers have always run fighters not drones. Figthers are frig sized “drones” that do cruiser sized damage.

I used to have a Vexor many moons ago. Good fun.

I should be around tonight. Might be a good time to get logistics done before a sesh tomorrow night?


I’m jumpin on and off today just in bits, but tomorrow I can be on the whole day and late evening. So we don’t waste the night - what do folks want to do and where? Me and Caolan are in Palas…I can try and scan down some wormholes and/or combat sites nearby, we should be able to burn through level 4s easily with 3 of us…the galaxy is our lobster


I’ll bring my stuff back to Palas tonight. I have a freighter for my stuff and I think an orca for my rigged ships so should be fine/

I’m happy to do anything on Tuesday night. We can smash L4 missions as I was doing them solo last time.

Happy to mine with my chars mining and hauling. With the Orca it’ll be a mental yield.

WH would be fun, but I haven’t done anything with those before so would just be a hired gun. Or healer as I have some great support ships.

Lobster, as you say.


Not sure why it’s on github, but a great list all the same.


I spent a few million earlier today on skill books;

Small Hybrid Turrets
Small Energy Turrets
Rapid Launch
Armour Repair
Missile Tracking
And a few others.

I also picked up
2x Large Armour repair I
1x Medium Armour repair II

Hoping to kit out either a 'cane or Typhoon with small rail turrets (their tracking speeds are insane) and some Rapid Launch Heavy Missile units.

I’ve made the 5,000 units of Mjolnir, so if anyone needs a restock, let me know.


I’ll have to list out what I have in my stores. I am sure you guys could use some of it.

Not sure what I could use to list it out though? Might be able to do it in game?