Oh fuck... EVE


Oooooh, if you guys come back to ZiiP Corp, I could put all my unwanted stuff in the corp hanger.


I never left! :smiley:



I knew one of you abandoned us :wink:


:frowning: I think it might have been during a war- dec from another corp - I couldn’t be arsed waiting for them to get bored…then lost interest!


I scanned down a site within minutes of logging in just as someone in the help channel is asking how the hell you’re ever supposed to find anything with scanning. I run 2 data sites but only get a couple of mill from them. I move to the next system along. Here I find no data or relic sites, but after I fixed my Drake (battlecruiser) tank I took the 5 seconds to look up the combat sites I’d found - Muhl-Zata Monastery. I come back in the Drake and dive in.

That second room was ok, damage was fine until I started getting my capacitor neuted. So I turn and burn, and get webbed. Now I’m seriously picking targets, finding which guys are webbing me, which are neuting and having to pick the attack apart. I worry that I’ve fluffed it - this is taking too long now and it wouldn’t be the first time another player warped in and finished off the end part while I chew on the meat in the middle. Luckily the tank on my Drake is close to epic. I make it through the defenses and start picking up pieces of loot from the defensive turrets, which leave cargo containers when they pop. Then I’m all the way into the enemy, just absent-mindedly mopping them up when I’m like - “I wonder what would happen if I blew up this Monastery…”

I’m all like “ooo, pretty” and the explosions are rocking all over the place. Then I close in on the container remaining, sat there in the afterglow…

As a wise man once said…“WHAT THE DICK!!!”


Mmmmmm corpum c-type


I don’t know waht any of this means, but I’m intrigued…


I miss my Drake :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I’m actually wary now of heading out mining! I can’t afford to lose the retriever again. n0tch’s Orca might be able to tank a bit, but I’ve not got that luxury.

Going to research and look into fitting out a Hurricane with close-range blasters with high tracking ability and Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers for long-range DPS.


Current Eve Event - The Guardian’s Gala

Pew Angel Cartel ships for some kind of reward, plus end of mission Skin Drops (plus mebbe summin else…)

I’m managing in the Caracal with Explosive/Kinetic resists and damage but occasionally have to warp out and refill shields (totally passive). The target paint and they web. Also, fast frigates eat light drones. Haven’t tried med yet…


Maybe we can hunt these tonight? Plus shouldn’t it say Tuesday 13th Feb not 14th?


Going to go get a Hurricane now :slight_smile:

There will be much dakka tonight!


Not fast enough. Moved up to the Drake. But because you get webbed you move very slowly - beware ninja’s stealing da loot. Also, the bounties are rubbish, it’s all about the Skin drops which are from the last Cruiser that warps in. Remember - if more than one person is shooting it then the wreck belongs to the person who did the most damage, another way to “steal” loot…already had it done to me. The sites spawn quite quickly though.

I’m gonna do something else until you guys are on, sitting webbed watching my drake slowly eat frigates gets boring…especially when a Hurricane warps in towards the end and gets the loot :frowning:



Because my loadouts all suck, regardless. I just don’t have the skills/power or CPU to run high-end stuff.

Best fit I can come up with is about 175DPS with drones…


If the last ship is just a cruiser then I won’t be bringing the Maurader. Torpedos don’t work well on anything less than a BS.

I’ll have a think.


So, please someone sum up wtf this is about, the aim, the general gameplay intent etc kplzthx


Spend forever skilling up (your skills train even when offline), do missions or steal from people to get money to fly ships…or mine in belts…or explore solar system anomalies…or be a space trucker delivering orders…or play the markets and never leave your station…or join in events…or fight against alien incursions…or sit in station looking at how pretty your ship is…


Thanks for the fleet up last night @NaloaC and @n0tch - netted a bit of cash and learned more about the game. Good to see ship fittings coming along and getting a better idea of what ship I want to get next (no longer the Tengu lol!)


Yeah, was good fun. Was a bit “how the fuck do I play this again?” but got there in the end. Got some Gala loadouts to save and get that bloody T2 webber skilled. Speedy bastards.


That thing in the middle? That’s my Retriever being utterly annihilated a few days ago. That damage took about 15 seconds…

As for last night? That time I had to bug out because the Hanael ship was pummelling me? This is how close it got…

So I took great pleasure in hammering those Cruisers last night in revenge :slight_smile:

Not that I was doing anywhere near as much damage as you two were, or tanking as much (other than being a punching bag). :stuck_out_tongue: