Oh noes. Trump was right! Call the Space Force!

Isn’t it incredible that space could have been weaponised at any point from well, the 1960s to current day… yet only now it is a ‘thing’.

I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep at night - not unless those dastardly Russians knock the Sky football satellites off air during that match. shakes fist

Russia’s response though, dismissing it as “unfounded, slanderous accusations based on suspicious”. - means it probably is a weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was Putin, I’d wind Trump up… “Yeah, it is a weapon. It could destroy the USA. Bigly. What you going to do about it?”


Not like the US would not have something up there…

There are weapons of sorts already up there:

America have a secret stealth drone shuttle that they’ve lofted for extended periods.

Both the Americans and Ruskies have satellites defunct and functional with nuclear reactors floating around up there - heck, just the standard fuel for a lot of satellites will eat the skin off you from closer proximity (one crashed in the US a few years ago and locals were warned they’d die if they went near it). Wouldn’t take much to put them in ballistic trajectories, dependant on size and fuel you might even be able to target them reasonably well.

The Ruskies have an anti-satelite satelite with a 20 or 30mm gun that they’ve actually test fired up in orbit.

Hell, the ‘rods from god’ might actually have been put up there back during the cold war.

Anyway, the Americans have plenty of anti-satellite weapons including ones launched from F15s in atmosphere - they just need to dust them off and start up the training programs again.

The only logical step is the immediate development of advanced anti-anti-satellite weapons and the prototyping of anti-anti-anti-anti-satellite weapons to ensure the Russians can’t knock out our ability to knock out their ability to knock out our satellites.


As long as it costs less than $100billion, I’m all for it.

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I’m prepared to quote you an initial development fee of less than $100 billion, on the condition of minimal budget oversight and no legal requirement to actually fulfill that quote.

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Sounds fair. We’ve ear-marked a $200 billion contingency just in case. But please don’t use it unless you absolutely have to.

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That should be no problem. I’m very confident that I’ll absolutely have to use it.

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Presidentering is easy.

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