Old android tablet

Anyone flashed one of these? Have one just sitting about, never used running Android 4.4.2 or something. Want to make use of it, so might try and flash it with a custom software. Anyone know of any and how to do it?

CyanogenMod and CopperheadOS used to be alternatives to android OS… More focused at phones though…

Research those two


Bricked the tablet trying to flash it. That’s that idea gone



I am thinking about uses for old stuff as well. Got an old ipad mini. Now old S8 phone. Both in good condition.

Use the phone as a bathroom media player? Or kitchen media player?

I’m seriously looking at using an older simless phone as a vault for 2FA. No mobile connection and only the wifi when I need it. Keep it really barebones. Switched off when not in use, kept somewhere safe.

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I thought about this, but really screws you over when out and you need a code.

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Yeah thats a point, there are a few I might need out of the house.

I suppose you could use Authy for the majority and then Google for the “when out” ones?

Wifey and I register 2FA on each other’s phones. Then if you phone goes missing, there is no 2FA on it for the accounts that are also on it. Plus if you need a code, you can just call. SMS codes work well in this scenario as she can just forward them to me.

That works great until you enable 2FA on pornhub…

In the recent words of Rick, “Who has a pornhub account?”


Depending on which tablet, the slightly gruntier ones work well as emulator pads. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S can run PS1 roms and I use it to do my yearly ‘Link to the Past’ playthrough with a Bluetooth controller through SNES-9x, downloaded straight from Play.

Have just finally managed to set up my old S8 as a web cam. After an impromptu vide chat with @Jester and @n0tch this evening where I resorted to using my ancient (15 years easy) webcam! I now have factory reset my S8. Got the Droidcam pro app installed. Was picked up by discord nicely for facey chat. So thats gonna work for next time. Still need to test it as a mic but can still use the headset anyway.

Going to set it up as a security hub as well to monitor my Security cams and shizzle. I spend most of my time at my PC so may as well have nice easily visible live stream of the cams. And will probably get some more cameras set up now around the exterior.

Only thing now to get a nice mount for it on the desk to sit at decent webcam height.

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