On this day


A Jager drinking legend was born. Rumour has it, that instead of a water birth, he was born in to a vat of alcohol.

Happy birthday @vredesbyrd


Happy birthday!


Happy Vredesday!

Have an awesome one matey! Perfect weather for an all day session.


Hap Burf Vred you monster you :slight_smile:
Have a great day


Happy Burfday fella - have a good one


Happy B-day!


Birthday greetings oh big bear of ZiiP


Merry day of birth Vred!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Level-Up Day dude! What’re you spending the skill points on?


May the gods of Jäger and Delerium rain gifts down upon you this day good sir!

Have an awesome day Sexeh-bum! :smiley:


Thank you guys!

No drinking tonight but I’m going to make up for that on Friday!