One of my 3 displays does not come back properly from "sleep"

Just asking if anyone else had had this and if so how they fixed it. One of my Prolite 1080p displays is acting a bit weird.
So I have my displays turning off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Actual sleep mode is disabled.
When I wake these thing back up one of the displays is showing the image completely distorted.
If I power that display off and back on everything is perfect again.
The other Prolite and the middle screen is fine.
Both of the prolites are connected via hdmi.

swapped cables/ports to be sure it’s specific to that monitor/rule them out?

Have you tried degaussing it?

I have swapped the ports around on the GPU side, made no difference.
I might have to get another hdmi cable any recommendations? I believe that the HDMI that is there now a maplin branded one so that could be the issue. The other cable is the only one that is long enough to reach the other side of the desk so I don’t really want to move that.

How do I degauss an LCD?

press the button harder than on a CRT. and blow on it a bit first, that usually helps.

I’m assuming it’s something that’s started recently and it was previously fine? Any warranty on the monitor?

Recent thing yes. I did notice that some of the options on the setup of the screen were not available. Came back after doing a “factory reset”. I think it is the cable as the problem is only happening when the power saver comes on. If i power the screen of and on again it is fine. So I think the wakeup thing is not coming in to the screen properly. Oh and it is only recently that I started using HDMI on this.
These are old screens no warranty left.

I think the reset might have helped as the distortion has not happened since.