Online sharing program

Hi folkses.

Is there such a thing to share a ONe-Note or similar? Also, any free and easy to use programs for simple “blocky” 3d design as want to plan camper conversion, so it MUST be able to do stuff to scale. needs to be shareable so that we can both arse about with it. Previously I used powerpoint (scale, top down and easy movable objects), hence the ask about on-note style thing cos can drop ppt stuff into it.


  1. dropbox, google drive, MS drive

  • Fusion 360 is free to use if you have very little commercial use, but might be abit hard to get into for you as its a propper CAD software
  • SketchUp is probably better for your 3D needs

For sharing you’re restricted to OneDrive (yay unified MSFT applications ecosystem :roll_eyes: ).

2nd for SketchUp, there is a fairly good chance someone has already made a 3D model of your van which you can build upon.


Cunningly I didn’t think of dropbox that I use often in work… :roll_eyes:

Ta for the tips, chaps! :heart_eyes:

Simple blocky design software:


As you probably want to synch the 3D model too I would just use any cloud service you already have access to. I’m not familar with OneNote but at the University I just created a folder for synching work stuff for all my colleagues on my google drive and we use a simple txt file for communication or the built in program features. Its not a massive suprise that a MS program uses a MS service for synchronisation.

I advice against running the files DIRECTLY in the synch folder though. Sometimes cloud services fuck up if you work for long time on the 3D files and might corrupt it. I have different version numbers (or just make a quick 7z backup archive) on the folders and synch manually. Gives me more control.

I’m inherently suspecious of cloud services as one time they fucked a fairly complicated cad assembly and even the build-in rollback features didn’t work.