Hello, anyone interested in this? was curious as looks shiny, and may actually be a finished product… unlike them super fun live things…

looks good, could be a fun one!! bit weird to have 4 classes but only co-op as 3 party? Well added some fun stuff below :slight_smile:

On the 25th there will be a demo:

Hey everyone,

With just one week from the launch of the demo, we wanted to share more details about it with you as promised.

Without further ado, here we go:

  • This will be a Demo, NOT a Beta.
  • It is entirely free. No purchase or pre-order required.
    • The demo is available in Germany on PlayStation, Xbox and PC (Steam). To download the demo for free on PlayStation you need a PS+ subscription. If you do not have PS+ in Germany, the demo is also available but you will have to undergo the usual age verification process.
  • The Demo will release at these SINGLE GLOBAL RELEASE times: Twitter Link
  • The demo will be available on the following Platforms:
    • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam & streaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW)
  • The download size for the demo will be:
    • PC: Minimum 24GB (possibly more after decompression)
    • Consoles: Minimum 22GB (possibly more after decompression)
  • Pre-loading is not currently planned to be available.
  • Crossplay will be available in the demo, but it will be in beta form and will need to be manually enabled via your settings.
  • Our Discord (Discord.gg/Outriders) has been set up with plenty of Looking-For-Group voice channels in case you’re looking to party up with any other players in particular.
  • There is no time limit, either for playing or for accessing it prior to launch. The demo is also planned to remain live beyond launch.
  • The demo includes the game’s prologue & opening chapter. This means that gear & enemies that you come across will be the early game variants. The further you get in the full Outriders story, the more twisted, exotic and powerful both gear & enemies will become
  • The demo runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival Altered who may be even more dangerous than you.
    • Some side missions unlock after defeating Gauss so you will be able to go back and explore the world.
  • The demo includes all 4 classes and 6 character slots.
    • This means you can try out every class without needing to delete any characters.
  • Your Character levels are capped to Level 7
    • This will allow you to earn your classes 4th ability and be able to to mix and match your active skills in the demo.
    • This will also allow you to earn 2 skill points that you can apply to your skill tree.
  • You can progress up to World Tier 5.
    • World Tiers are our dynamic difficulty system. At level 5, your chance for higher rarity gear is increased, but the drop chance for Legendary Gear is still extremely low.
  • Resources will be capped at a certain (generous) amount in order to safeguard balancing for when you go into the main game.
    • Resources are mainly used within our extensive crafting system but can also be traded for better gear from the armorers in the game. The crafting system unlocks in the full game once you’re at a point beyond the demo content, but you can save your resources for use with that system.
  • You will be able to transfer your progress if you play the main game on the same platform account (Platforms are PlayStation / Xbox / Steam).
    • Progress will not transfer between the Demo on Steam and the Full Game on the Epic Store.
  • The demo will not include any trophies or achievements, but your in-game accolades will transfer along with your regular progress.
  • You are free to stream any part of the the Demo. No restrictions.
    • Please note that there is a trailer that plays at the end of the demo. As this trailer contains licensed music, we would recommend caution when streaming this section.

Any more questions? Let us know!

How to survive:






Post Game


I’m holding my horses but I’m keeping an eye out. If there is a demo I will try it out before hand. Its one of those games I’m interested in but it isn’t high in my priority list. Guilty Gear is coming in April too, on 9th :stuck_out_tongue: .

some nice info, loving the full cross play! no matter the platform

Demo pretty fun, runs well too! Except for the randomness as to whether cutscenes are 16:9 or 21:9.

I played through with one character and here are my initial thoughts.

The graphics are nice, I had no mayor hickups only a few stutters here an there and it runs suprisingly well. So technical it seems well made. However it defintely has its issues.

It plays a little bit like a faster paced Destiny with Gears of War sprinkled in. On most characters you regain health by killing the enemy either in close range or with your abilities, what depends on your class. That makes for a fairly hectic playstyle, at least with the class I used. Its fun though, ripping through enemies feels good especially with the solid gun play. The reloads feel a tad long though for this style of gameplay. Mass Effect had a similar combat style if you choose to play it like that!

The story is probably the dumbest and most generic I’ve seen in a long time. The presentation isn’t too great and the voice acting is average at best. You will forget about it around 1h in and don’t care a little bit. The characters are written badly, the dialogues make no logical sense 50% of them time and some of the “devlopement” feels extremely tacked on. They feel like they wanted to put in as much cliche stuff in as possible. It gave me a few Anthem vibes, it feels kinda janky and unpolished. For example the stupid bitch giving you shit for sleeping in the cryo container is the same person throwing you in, well why not getting me out then? She is not even convincingly mad, just really annoying.

The UI screems controller all over the place with barely any optimisation for mouse & keyboard and some questionable decissions. Like changing your slotted items. First click on the slot, then choose which item. Selling items, hold mouse for EVERY ITEM. Or if you try to destory scripted baricades. Please HOLD E to perform the animation for melee, but using your melee button does nothing. There are tons of little oversights like that and simply shows that they have some polishing issues.

The abilites I saw so far are kinda neat but nothing super special, however they have great synergy. If you use a teleport behind enemies lines, drop your slow bubble and murder everyhting around you, its an insane adrenalin rush IF you pull it off. The cooldowns seem a abit too high though but I have a rough guess why, see the loot section below. The passive skilltree is mostly number buffs with a few nodes in there which give special effects. Like weakening on melee for example. Most are kinda generic buffs though, more armor on kills, more damage etc. I have a few questions regarding the tree as I’m not sure if you can branch over to other areas OR have to follow it in some linear fassion. It seems a bit restrictive to get truly customised builds.

The loot gave a good impression where it probably will go. Its Diablo 3/Anthem all over again, let me explain. Remember the high ability cooldowns I mentioned earlier? I found a few armor pieces that gave stupid ability buffs, and they were only blue ones. (I guess loot follows the same gray-blue-yellow-orange convention.) I got a 100% duration extension on a crowd control status, 20% cooldown reduction on a single amor piece. Even if these numbers are inflated for showing off the demo you can already guess where the loot system will lead. Most of the power will stem from your loot, and barely anything from your actual character, hence why the passive skilltree are mostly just mediocre number buffs. This is inherently bad game design, surely it makes you grind but whats the point of the skilltree and leveling then?

Other than that the loot was fun. Got a few weapons with really cool effects like freezing the enemies or setting them on fire and exploding afterwards.

The game itself is extremely linear, hell there is not even a jump button. After I finished certain areas they were empty on re-entry and ONLY repopulated if I restarted an old quest. There are no big areas, all of the quests feel like they have a dedicated area for them, which are really short. It feels like you head from mini area to mini area, connected by loading screens. They are rather short though! The cover system seems a little out of place at times, as you get outflanked easily because of the constant movement. Could be a result of my class choice and barely matter for others.

All in all the game seems pretty average with good gunplay and cool ability synergies. It is just really hard to judge the loot system and “build variety”, and how the grind will turn out. Lots of it depends on the higher difficulty sclaing. From my feeling so far I estimate that the best loot will have stupid modifiers on it, and that your actual passive tree will barely matter, making cookie cutter builds the standard.

The demo definitely showed me that I will rather wait until full reviews are released. It feels a little generic and and I’m even more suscpecious how the “late game progression” is. For a reduced price I might pick it up later.

Downloading the demo now :slight_smile:

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Just done the into. Has promise.

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So what are you guys thinking? I liked the combat the most, synergy between abilities was really cool, weapons and their effects felt satisfying but I’m mainly concerned for the loot system and balancing. I fear the loot might just end up as a numbers game with very little impact by the passive skill tree.

God knows what the actual balancing of difficulty and reward will be. It could be cool though, but its hard to judge on the limited demo.

Like notch has said, it has promise. I do enjoy the fact once you had a MOD you keep it, and can apply it to any guns etc without having to re-find the mod again later on :slight_smile: