Overland. A turn-based survival game, on teeny tiny maps.

Grab your car, go get resources and try and survive.

It’s out on the 19th of September :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching this for a while now. Need to get around to picking it up!

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You can’t pre-order it from what I’ve seen, only released on the Friday.

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Looks cool. May pick this up

This is up for sale at 17:00 or 18:00 today :slight_smile:


Yep bought it :wink:

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Let us know how it is!

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Might get a chance tomorrow lunch time. I’ll let you know


OK…so had about 30 / 40 mins on this.

Defo another FTL type. Start of with 1 person getting a car and have to find fuel to advance onto the next stage/map. Before the start of each stage you get to make a choice of 2 where you go and each takes different amounts of fuel.

You have to scavenge in dumpsters/post boxes/ cars etc for extra fuel/weapons/etc.

The creatures seem to be attracted to noise. There was one lvl i was on that had a generator running. I thought that would be more noisy than me moving, so after getting some fuel from a car, i thought i would stop moving for a few turns to see if the creatures went after the jenny but they still came after me more. I need to try this out a bit more. Maybe they were too close to me and could see me. Not sure.

Your car is your life boat basically. You need it to get to the next maps. The starter car is very fragile. 2 hits and its on fire and it will blow up soon after.

I ran out of fuel once and you have to get out and search for more fuel. It will let you drive through the lvl but keeps you on that lvl. It just generates the creatures in a different spot each time. So you may get a nicer spawn where the creatures are further away from you.

Once again, its all about the decisions you make. Do you stay that little bit longer to find more fuel and risk other creatures coming, do you pick up that med kit and drop the only weapon you have, do you drive on and hope the next lvl/town has more stuff.

Only problem is remembering which person you have clicked on. Made a few mistakes thinking i was controlling some one when it was the other one.

All in all, another good FTL type to drain some time away trying out different scenarios and going back again to try out different ways.