Got to playing this with adrock, Xander, Reno and a couple friends from outside ZiiP. Putting out a little ‘wink-nudge-anybody feel like joining in on the fun?’ as it’d be nice to get a broad group of people going. Hope to get some extra bodies in for some silliness. Any bites?


I know the art style puts people off but it is a great game to play as a team. Recommend it !


An example match from before the game came out so some abilitys are different but gives a good idea as to what the game play like


Also wanna point out it’s on sale atm for £19.99 so it’s a good price to


May be a bit of a long-shot, as it’s a bit different than the shooters people are used to on here. Still, genuinely one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played for quite some time. Worth trying.


Would love for more folks to get into this; the aesthetic may not be for everyone, but the squad play/teamwork aspect is beyond any of the other stuff we play.


So Symmetra’s getting a total rework. No longer a support!


Beam is no longer auto aiming, has twice the range and recharges ammo off shields. Builds charge half as quick but does more damage. So while its still deadly it no longer auto tracks and makes life miserable at close range.

She’s a defence hero now rather than support.

She also can place the teleporter anywhere at any time, which lasts ten secs.

Ult is now an infinitely sized wall that is impenetrable.

Curious to see how this plays out when it hits live.


what was her ult before?

anything that means people have to aim is fine, but i feel all characters should get a damage increase as a reward for having to aim if symmetra does.

the recharges ammo off shields; how does that work? you get ammo when you’re in a shield, or when you shoot one?

On second thoughts, i’m not looking to taking on ANOTHER new hero, I’ve already spent maybe an hour as Winston in the last week.


her old Ult was the teleport or the shield generator

also some cool new social things incoming


Not sure, guess it means its perfect for destroying shields. The beam gets more powerful and doesn’t need reloading when shooting them any more.

Symmetra’s problem was she scaled far too easily at close range without any skill, but her DPS kinda sucks without the aim lock.

Her ult before was a choice between a shield generator for the team or a teleporter from spawn.


seen some gameplay of her on the PTR and atm she is OP as fuck if you spam LMB semi auto style she shreds everything its crazy


Seems that’s a bug to do with the damage scaling that. Shame.

I hope to god that gets removed.


Last night landed a beast of an ultimate!


that was a fantastic play mate and well earned in that match


Yeah some really interesting stuff happening in the upcoming patch. All the social stuff, with being able to commend players for being friendly/good etc and the possibility of rewards for that, the looking for group stuff, the Symmetra changes…really looking forward to the next update!


test post to see who reads this thread of if it’s being ignored as i think it is


Something that could easily be rolled out for a hell of a lot of other games too. I wish there were a way to commend good team players & squad mates in War Thunder, other than just “GG”…


Yeah, not wrong there. And I reckon decent teamplay is even more miraculously rare in War Thunder than in Overwatch, so definitely something to reward.

Only problem is that Overwatch makes money from its cosmetics, but it’s not the sole income stream. On the other hand, if War Thunder starts giving away stuff then it’s kinda chopping into its revenue. Might be worth it, but I could see them being reluctant.


Its a good trick to detoxify things. Vverwatch is nowhere near as bad as other communities though it has it’s moments.

the play of the game system does favour multikills over anything else which is a shame. Very rare I’ve seen a mercy or Lucio POTG


I reckon they could implement a system similar to their daily login bonus, where you get rewarded XP or in-game currency boosters. Would mean people get access to more units faster, meaning they’re more likely to buy skins and whatnot.

It is something that could be looked at for a lot of games.

With Overwatch, I just never really found it appealing, though I might have a look-see at some point.