Bastion is an actual walking minigun if that’s helpful:


Ahh, XP/currency boosters could work, that’s a thought. Yeah, I could see real benefits in that.

Yeah, I can understand the hesitation with Overwatch, it’s a very different vibe - comes across a bit TF2’y. Generally not the kind of thing I’m into. I was first interested in it because I’d played some DOTA and the MOBA-style ‘20-odd heroes that all play really properly differently’ sale worked on me.

Once I played it though, it clicked MASSIVELY. It just feels ‘right’ in that indefinable way that so many games fuck up. There’s a hell of a lot of variety thanks to the characters being really distinctive and individual to play, and team-play is at the heart of the thing. It just…works. Really well. Genuinely some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming has been in this game.


Any one gaming tonight/today? me and adrock tryed and it went poorly XD


Yeah we did. Fucking Bastion on attack.


Later today maybe, though Rhavyn and Morrow might be up for a game at some point before then. I’ve got a bit of a hangover to nurture before I’m up for much twitch shooting :smiley:


A hangover! but how, you were so co-ordinated and eloquent last night?


I was lured into depravity by the temptations of the wicked. I am guilty only of loving too much.

Loving gin, specifically.


I propose that the Gin is innocent, and you sir, are the wicked one!

Last night was fun, i got to play characters i’m not very good with, and you were all too drunk or polite to notice/mention it :smiley:


For what it’s worth, always feel free to be as adventurous as you like on your character choices. Winning games doesn’t matter all that much to us, indulge and live a little :smiley:


Let’s check with Salah ad-Din what it’s worth.

Dude knows his shit.


Having a lot of fun with matches, so appreciate that this has remained a bit of a thing. Been great for clearing the head during exams

Kinda sympathize with adrock though, who’s had to deal with me playing when pretty fucking loaded a couple of times now :smiley:


No sympathy required;thanks to matchmaking whether a round goes well or not is entirely random. So load away :smiley:

enjoyed d.va for the first time last night, will d.va again in future.


D-Va is great. It’s a character who basically has a skill-set based around screaming “RAMMING SPEED!” and rocket-boosting directly into someone’s face while simultaneously firing rockets and infinite-ammo shotguns.


if people are about tonight i don’t have a bedtime :smiley:



Getting round to uploading some highlights.


So managed the luckiest Reinhart charge ever:


Super happie with this play.


Best play from last night!


I strongly agree, on the basis I was in it