i meant that as my best play my bad didn’t mean to seem like a arrogant dick there XD


“This was definitely our best play last night, boys and girls. Here’s a handy clip so we can all relive it as a team”




Supposedly, Blizzard is trying to trademark “Play of the Game”…


Pfft. Downside of anything connected to Activision. The fucking lawyers.

To be fair to them though it is REALLY good, both in idea and execution. Not that that excuses the legal posturing.


got a source on that not seen it reported anywhere?


Link to patent application


“plurality” seems to be their favourite word


only did a skim read as i don’t want to spend a day reading that but what did gleam is that is very specific to the way it works in OW and not a general use of the term play of the game


yeah, seems more like they want to cover how they’re determining what the play of the game is than the specific phrase, and it was filed 18 months ago. Not going to assume any understanding of US patent law, but i assume it’s something they apply for, and then either get approved/granted at some point down the line. Has that now happened, or is it just that someone has noticed they’ve applied, or is someone opposing their application in some way?

i did get bored of their use of the word plurality, for an abundance of reasons, many of which have a multitude of factors. There are numerous things they could do with their time and they spend the majority of it recycling the same word when there are a variety of alternatives. Some people eh. Preponderance.


Holy shit, I hadn’t caught this in all the patch changes - McCree’s ult has been increased in range from 70 metres to 200 metres. It’s fuckin high noon in multiple timezones


so long as they don’t let him curve shots behind pillars; i didn’t feel like the range was an issue.


Probably not, but it will make it trickier to work out what angles to hide from, given that McCree might just be a fucking speck in the distance :smiley:


a link to the patch notes as i like the spread joy to the world!


Woooooo - more Orisa ults!




tracer managed to get a good group win!


Also some widow sniping :smiley:


Im so happy with this play!


Seeing as everyone’s posting their PotG’s…


that was cruel! i loved it !