I hear the hamster’s out!

It’s spectacularly warm, but I might well be persuaded into a blast


The hamster is mental. Like trying to hit a pretty good Lucio but one that’s on steroids and hits like a…wrecking…ball.

I’ll show myself out.

Good patch all round. Sombra is absolutely lethal now. Much more accurate gun and her stealth abilities are much stronger. Hacking is perfect for shutting down Doomfists and ults :smiley:


so the current average opposition team should be Hammond, Sombra, probably still Symmetra, and then i assume widow, hanzo and genji?

One tank and no healer? those poor fools…


well mate best time to is NOW!! 26 til the 30th it’s free to try out :smiley:


super happy with this.


Play of the game - a casual stroll around the map :smiley:

I kid, that was a nice ult. Good job!


lucky it cut when it did as immediately after they i walked into all of hammonds mines and blew up


Why aren’t we this good ?


Part skill, part luck. That Symmetra portal really saved him there, I think, and that is not something she could have predicted


Because -and stop me if I’m moving too quickly- we’re bad


DM, ever the motivator of the team!


I’m perfectly motivational! I just have more modest goals. I seek a more achievable summit - being ‘less bad’. One day we may even touch the lofty glories of ‘mediocre’.

Simply put, I fear that dreaming of the moniker ‘good’ would be a potentially dangerous venture of excess and destabilising ambition


I aim to try and do ‘good’ relative to the opposition in each game, and then don’t care when we aren’t. It works for me and requires no motivation.

junkrat hit me with his ult right after that as i was standing on the point on my own, but they didn’t make it back in time.


Might be out of the running for a bit, sadly, as my headset has died the death. As we’re in the process of throwing cash left and right on moving expenses, audio equipment for gaming has to take a bit of a back rung…


send me a suitable address? I’m sure i have multiple spares lying about, including one sat in my ‘pile of things to shift’.


Summer games starts tonight!


Adrock’s offering, I also have a spare steelseries headset that can do the trick.


Up for a match tomorrow? I am duly equipped, courtesy of adrock (and with a nod of thanks to Xander) and have just finished an exam. Hence, at least two days of gaming self-indulgence.


yes when is for shooting things?


I’m going to have to pass. Over the weekend a simple ear infection has become something far, far more painful and disorienting over the week. Can’t imagine my mood/ability is going to be any good.