Pacific Rim 2: Uprising

First full trailer.



So transformers with monsters then

The music in the first part is already super annoying, second part is tolerable. I liked the first movie, reminded me of some of the old Godzilla movies. Super cheesy monster vs. robot movie.

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I am so, so disappointed that the title isn’t Pacific Rim 2: Uncancelling the Apocalypse

'The worlds at stake and we’re humanities last chance…

…Let’s have some petty squabbling like a school ground and beat each other up’

Can’t we just for once have a film where the story is ‘we have giant fucking robots and they’re going to beat something else up for 2 hours’? I don’t need a love story, I don’t need friction between 2 main characters, I just want carnage.


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Well this is pretty much like one of the Jap mangas. Those also have some useless squabbling. Most of the time it ruins movies like this as it will in this case too.