Panties thread about gin

Go! links please, too :slight_smile:

Also tonic.

Thats the one I was talking about, bit of honeycomb and ginger ale is lovely.

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These guys do good stuff.

I don’t do Gin. but wife does. so i seem to buy lots of it.

She wasn’t a massive fan of this one, but its won awards

She quite likes Hendricks and Opihr (

Her favourite, by quite a distance so far has been Silent Pool (

Going to try her with next.

For Tonic she prefers Fever tree, although i read something the other day that said Schweppes was the best?

Fever tree is the best tonic for me. Also Hendricks is my favorite gin atm.


Didn’t Lidl win some award for Best Gin recently, which stumped everyone, but critics thought the stuff was the mutts nuts?

If it isn’t Forest Gin I no likey.

Rather enjoyed Gin Mare as a sipping gin. Bit unusual, olive and herb . Interesting though.


Good shout - sippy vs quafie

With Hammy on the tonic. And also the Hendricks.

But I particularly likey isle of harris gin.

Lovely bottle as well. Has a little bit of a sweet taste to it. Highly recommended.

Can’t drink gin. or eat rice. I am sad. :frowning:


Good ones we have in the cabinet at the moment are Hendrick’s Gin and then Glendalough Wild Spring Botanical Gin. Hendricks is always good, but I actually prefer the other one(more aromatic).

Another vote for the gin Mare, it’s a wonderful Spanish gin. As DM501 has said it’s with basil, thyme, rosemary and olive oil. Currently have a bottle of Blooms gin here which is very nice to drink, the taste of juniper is far more subtle that other gins so it’s something that people who don’t normally enjoy gin may enjoy.

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We have a bit of a selection going on here!

We’re finding the nicest are the Celtic ones - Jockanese and Welsh. We’re suspecting it’s to do with the main ingredient - water :slight_smile:

I have a few gins on the go at the moment -

Harris Gin is lovely
Gilt is possibly my current favourite - a single malt gin
Unicorn Tears - bought from Thinkgeek, I think. Is very pretty

and just finished my last of the original batch of Metaltech Gin - orange peel and black pepper infused. Delicious (and has a great mark up for us at the merch stall…)

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Bloom Gin with Fever Tree tonic :slight_smile: nom noms

Gin seems to be one of those drinks that’s had a boom due to micro breweries much like ales have these days.

As East says Silent pool gin is very nice and not far for my neck of the woods. I used to ride past their place on the way to work.

Boom as volume restrictions were lifted a couple of years or so ago :wink:
I also have discovered the re is a Parma Violets gin… :open_mouth:

Interestingly enough, the boom is down to not just the volume restriction lift, but also a piece of legislation being overturned after a couple of hundred years. Tony, who set up Strathearn distillery with some investment from a few of us, managed to find a tame HMRC guy who was just about at retirement, and persuaded him to support the change.

Instant knock on effect to the industry - allowing me to not only have my own whisky, but also my own gin that I can sell at gigs!

Feel free to buy any Strathearn whiskies or gins to show your appreciation for Tony’s hard work :slight_smile:


Tanqueray 10 and Fevertree.

Don’t be fooled by Fentimans. Totally different taste.

Personally prefer Belvedere vodka and Fevertree.