Password manager

Best one chaps? Finally going to get it sorted

The “Best one” is very subjective unless you have tried them all :wink:

I use LastPass, it’s free but I pay for the “Family” sub so I can make sure Siobhan is keeping her passwords online and not on fricking postit notes. The chrome add-in auto fills passwords, generates strong passwords, autofill forms and credit card details if you wish. Has a mobile app that syncs so can fill passwords on your phone. (success is hit and miss)


Google :stuck_out_tongue:

I use LastPass Premium. No issue with it at all. Certain apps on mobile don’t work with it as Notch said - but I think that’s down to the app more than LP itself.

Last pass free version. Tis good. Use it on my phone, and pc. Can’t say I have had any issues with incompatibility.

If this is the case very frustrating. As I use both desktop and mobile equally.

I just started using it the other day though only have one password in it

Hmm. Bit naughty of them. I pay for the premium version - can’t remember why.

Decided we are going to get a family version. We both use it and we both like it. So what the hell.


I did this a while ago.