Password managers

So I’ve been using LastPass the last year and my subscription is due to expire. Have to say that I haven’t had many issues with it at all. The UI is functional and nice and most importantly of all it works without interrupting your browsing very much.
My only issue with it is the 2.5x increase in annual subscription, was 12 dollars now 30, including 6 dollars tax. Over a year it’s really not going to break the bank but who can say if they will raise the price again. So before I renew my sub I started looking at other alternatives, both paid and free, and am now looking at enpass.

The main issue with moving to another manager will be migrating all my data but apparently enpass can transfer this from your lastpass account.

So I was wondering if anyone has anyone any experience with Enpass or other managers?

I use last pass. What subscription?

So I had to look up the differences and found this

    1GB encrypted file storage
    Priority customer support
    Extra security with Premium two-factor authentication (YubiKey and Sesame)
    Desktop application logins (with LastPass for Applications)
    Desktop fingerprint identification
    **_An ad-free vault_**

They’re placing ads in the bloody thing now, sigh. I know it’s free but what with the price increase and ads in the free version it’s putting me off using them.

(My subscription came with a humble bundle I got last year. The differences in the free and paid versions of the program really aren’t that major)

I use last pass. Dont pay a penny. Dont see any adds, have it as add in for my edge on my laptop for uni, in chrome for on the gaming pc and on my phone with finger print access. No adds, well certainly none that I have noticed that get in the way.

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same as Scott, i use lasspass on pc and phone, no issue, no adds

Am I really just ‘Tinfoil hat’???

I can’t imagine trusting my passwords with anyone but my own bonce…

I’d rather write them down on a bit of paper and hide them in my house than trust a bit of software to keep my shit safe.

I think the way to look at it is identifying the lowest possible risk alongside who might be attacking you. If someone absolutely wants to ‘get’ you - they will, frankly.

I used to have 1 single password I used for everything. I googled the MD5/SHA hash of my password one day… and it came up, so I new it was compromised in the wild. Then I decided to have variations on a theme. But then I would forget which version I used where. Then I went for random passwords that I would write in a book. But that became a MESS - and technically, losing that book (say, if you were burgled) - then all your passwords would be compromised and you’d have no central method of informing everyone and changing them.

So then I got a PW manager - and it solved everything. All passwords are 16-18 random characters. All individual.

I actually use 2 password managers - One for personal sites, one for professional. I worry less about the pw manager site having my passwords.