Just out of interest, does anyone here support anyone on Patreon? For those that don’t know what it is, it’s a way that up an coming artists of various formats can fund what they love through micro-donations in return for exclusive access to material or livestreams etc. It’s not just music, it could be art, film… anything.

In a way, bit like you guys paying into ZiiP - except I’m not talented :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I give about £6 a month to a guy called Sam (Look Mum No Computer) - His electro-synth just taps my brain in the right way… but I also love that he shares his projects and schematics etc. His videos are nice and organic - really shows his talent. Just listened to a 2 hours jam session that he did live.

There are a shit-tonne of artists on … I just wondered if anyone else followed/supported anyone on it?

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I’ve seen a lot of people use it. Mostly models selling pics but never looked into it. Honestly.


Bunch of people on my list, mostly artists. Some because I like the style others because they make good tutorials.

  • Clickspring, makes amazing videos about mechanical ancient contraptions, stunning work both on the research as well on the machining
  • This Old Tony, for his youtube channel, the guy is a master of mechanical machining
  • AvE, retired Mechanic/Engineer of sorts, lots of videos about engineering and some fun in his garage on random stuff.
  • Jeph Jacques, online comic
  • Quite Shallow, favourite Warframe youtuber, mute but outstanding sense of humor
  • Zeos Pantera, audio gear reviews
  • lots of artists, Magion02, Poch4n, Precia, Kuvshinov IIlya, GTZ taejune, Omar Dogan (Udon member), Reiq

Used to have bunch of other artists on my list, Zeronis, Angelo, Mirka Andolfo, Koyorin, Raiko, Logan Cure. Most of them on and off.

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