Pavlov (VR)


So first VR game I purchased. I notice there are a lot of VR games on the market for not much money by random developers.

This is basically CS:GO albeit, more simple. 5V5 round based… buy your guns/armour at the start of each round etc etc.

Fuck me that was fun. VR is intuitive. Once you get to grips with having to press the catch to release the empty clip, reach down into your belt and grab a new mag, insert it into the gun and then chamber it.

Was loving the bolt action rifle - you have to do the bolt manually.

Player base didn’t see very toxic either… people trying to help me with guns and stuff. I got 7 kills - which I don’t think was bad for my first run. Absolutely no point showing you screenshots or anything - the game looks naff unless you are playing it.

I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed with a new technology.


Sounds like a laugh!

I’m telling you though, install Alien Isolation and check out War Thunder flying planes in VR. Elite Dangerous is another one if you own it too :slight_smile:


And I’m telling you do not under any circumstances play alien isolation in VR. Your heart won’t take it.


Interesting. Wonder if we can play this together Je? At £4 Il give it a whirl.


Have a look at “Keep talking and no one explodes”, I’ve played it in non-VR and its really good fun local coop with a difference.


I installed Warthunder but that seems to just let you play infront of a large screen rather than be immersive - I’ll give it another go, but I’ll make another thread for it… as I will for other games I try - Keep talking and no one explodes is another that looks awesome and I’ll give that a go too (currently too broke to buy many games lol)

So Pavlov… second time of playing and I’m getting to grips with it more. Turning on left-handed mode helps.

I absolutely love this game… was on a bridge with an M249 - crouched down behind a sandbag (you can run around like a full FPS - using both thumb sticks) …anyhow, reloading isn’t just like “press R” on a keyboard - you have to take the box mag off the gun, pull out a fresh box from your harness, clip it in, then open the top of the gun, pinch the first few bullets and load them into the top… close the gun and then cock it. I can’t tell you how amazing that is to do that in a game. LOVE IT.

My favourite weapon however is the sawn off double barrel shotgun. Fire both barrels, break the barrel… tip the gun to remove the expended cartridges… grab fresh from your harness, load them and then flick the gun to snap it shut. Beautfully done… and brilliant to do it really quickly whilst under fire! (or pull your pistol out with the other hand as someone rushes you)

If this is the state of indie studios producing games for £4, then I really hope VR becomes mainstream… because it is incredible.


I think with War Thunder, when you’re in a plane, it allows you to fully look around when you’re in the cockpit, so you get better situational awareness.



well i’m sold :smiley:


How have you got on with the aiming a rifle but not having both handsets “joined” I mess about with a vr game that is basically a gun range “hot dogs, horse shoes and hand grenades” As much as I loved the interaction of changing mags and so on, I found a disconnect with wanting to move the weapon as one rather than two independent controllers?


I’m not quite sure what you mean (by joined). If you hold a gun with one hand, you can steady it with the other - holding the grip under the barrel. if you fire one handed, the gun jumps up like crazy (M249 worst, pistols less so)


I think Scotty means that as you are not actually holding anything solid, your hands are independent and free to effectively “bend” the gun. Is it using the lead or trailing hand to aim, or does it use both? Maybe it would be better to actually fashion a wooden gun template to hold?


You hold 2 controllers that the VR system knows both the location of and whether or not you are pressing your trigger finger and thumb on a palm button… (if you look at your virtual hand in game, you can pretty much wiggle your fingers) -so you pick the gun up with one hand literally as if you were gripping it in real life - the hand it goes in depends which hand picks it up. if you then press the forefinger (trigger) button, it fires the gun. The other hand you move to the rest/barrel and press the thumb/grab button to hold that.

It does feel incredibly realistic considering nothing is actually in your hands. To look down a sniper scope or down the sights, you move your arms up to your eye level. It’s completely 1:1 as if you were doing it. Same a hunkering down behind a sandbag. If you want, you can raise the gun over the bag and fire blind one handed - you probably won’t hit shit though.


I’ll get Hayley to film me playing later. :slight_smile:


That is exactly what I mean n0tch. Its the only thing I dont like about the vr shooty is that the weapon is not solid between the two controllers. But it may work a bit differently in this game compared to one I have played. I find it too “jumpy” I guess because there is also no real stock you can pull into you.

I think I posted this once before in a topic with Morps about rifle mounts for vr controllers. Starting to come out now.


Ahh right - see what you mean.

But, I don’t get it either. I mean, I get the idea of having a physical thing in your hands to mimic what you are holding - but you’re not always holding the gun in Pavlov so you need to have your hands (the controllers) free to move around and not stuck to a jig. Pavlov you can pull grenades off your belt, you hold with one hand and pull the pin with the other. You change clips by pulling them out your belt pouch. All these things aren’t doable if you’ve pre-connected to a frame. If the game was like DooM where you are fixed with just a gun… then maybe. But I can’t see how this works.


Oh granted, this is very game specific


Another one


i get what you mean Scotty, but like Jes says you wouldn’t want to have to have both hands on the gun the whole time. you need a gun controller which is essentially one handed but would conveniently allow you to grab the barrel with your off hand when you want to be using it two handed. short of some gimballed magnetics i’m not sure how you’d manage that. It’ll also depend on how it’s modelled in whichever game you play i suppose. The gun controllers strike me as ideal for something like Doom, where you’re pretty much all gun all the time, but less so wherever you’ve got any non-gun-based interactions.


We were discussing this on TS last night, and in my mind the only way a physical gun model would work would be if it had the same sensors on it as the controller (as an addition to the controller) so that the VR sensors could model the gun in game. That way, you could have it strapped around you… you could let it go… but if you wanted it back in your hand again you could virtually see it and pick it back up.