Pavlov (VR)


That new link I put up does kind of use the sensors to track it. You can see they have mounted it to front of the gun. Also you can see in the onscreen display only one vive sensor is activated so it is treating the gun as one controller only.

@adrock I totally agree with what you are saying. And Jes. It is a challenge to overcome. I wouldnt want to miss the more engaging moments of picking up magazines, having to cock the gun etc. But at same time I feel that really I am just holding a rifle with one hand.

See video though with the quick release magnets you mention. I was telling Jes about this last night. One guy band making this stock. Think it looks pretty neat.


I refuse to read this as I can’t afford such things. :wink:


Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

I “discovered” my freebie VR universal headset gubbins which one pops one phone into… So, controller and games / experiences kplzthx.

I know Proj cars 2 does VR, but I suspect it needs a proper headset not a fancy version of google box…



Have a DK2 so I usually play Elite: Dangerous with it, messed around with Alien Isolation too, the main issue with games is that unless you have a frame (like the cockpit in Elite) the motion sickness can get pretty bad when moving around. Would love to see where it is in a few years from now!


Thread revival again!

VR that “plugs in” to PC? What with it being black friday / cyber monday…

After recommendations, kplzthx


I’ve got the Oculus Rift. Great bit of kit. IMO, you either want an Oculus RIFT or a HTC Vive - unless someone knows of others that I’m not.

Standard RRP is £399 at the mo. Seems like most retailers have reduced it to £349 for BF/XMAS

I believe there are newer versions of the Rift and Vive on the horizon… but probably for 2019.


Yeh, I cannae afford that :’(

Looking to google to see if I can use my phone as I have a phone vr headset thing…


I looked in to this Pnats and actually got set up with the visual only (no head tracking) VR using my phone and a Google cardboard kit - it isn’t very good.

I used a Google Cardboard kit (2x 45mm lenses, magnet slider, velcro strap), an LG G5 and the free Trinus VR software tested with one of the Homeworld games.

It is supposed to allow you to use it over Wifi or via USB connection to your PC but I was never able to get the USB connection to work after trying over a couple of days so had to use the Wifi. Over wifi, unless you have a particularly fast wifi setup, your average homehub wifi will result in a silly amount of latency.

At the time I was using it with a Sky router (pre-Skyhub) sat less than 3 feet away from it and had a lot or problems with latency which made the game difficult to impossible to play because of the input lag and made me feel really, really motion sick - though I think the motion sickness was only in part due to the latency.

Setting up your phone is not remotely intuitive either, with you having to set all of the scaling/wrapping/screee mapping/edge/distance/etc settings to get it to work with your sized phone screen and then the array of other settings that might as well have been in cantonese for all they meant to me. I was lucky enough to find a screenshot someone posted with decent settings for the LG G5 but I’d have just had to trial and error it otherwise.

It might have changed some by this point, I’m talking 2/3 years ago I think, but the state of the software when I was using it was not especially hand-holdy and the USB connection just flat out didn’t seem to work.

And all that was before the pot luck that is Android accelerometers with the separate head tracking software.

If you have a flagship Android phone, don’t mind spending £20 on a cardboard kit and have time to burn, try it out, but it’ll be a bit of a project getting it going and you might well be disappointed.

For more info, google ‘Occulus Thrift’ and look at the various articles/guides that were floating about a few years back.


I got a headset for fone thing going on, buddy, and some google software thing for it. Sony experia XZ1 compact. I may arse about with it tomorrow. Failing everything, I may just keep my eyes out.

Ta muchly for that. I be looking to use with Project cars, see, and I think it’s only Oc R and samsung vr taht it works with.


Treat time, possibly. So, for the shooty things, the talk about guns / controllers… Any updates?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand anyone used on project cars or other driving game? Oooooooooooooooo, or even Division?
Dunno if it can be used, but at the mo I have time on my hands… Which is dangerous as I am prone to rash purchases…


Soooooooo, I am unsure if my pc has 3 USB 3 ports… If not, aside from a complete new mobo (won’t happen), any other solutions?



there are cheaper alternatives, but this one has a USB host for each port rather than them all sharing one. Its the one i got to attach the rift and sensors to so i wouldn’t need to swap them with other stuff.


Bugger may be that this may make the whole idea unaffordable! :rofl:


like i said, there are cheaper alternatives:

i’ve no experience with them but they’d give you extra ports.


Here’s all the USB 3 Gen 1/2 stuff on Scan:


Most of those don’t work with rift, it seems.
Ima keep digging… Ta chaps.


Also, I should have perhaps thought to look on oculus website gubbins…

Also, gotta hope that I can fit the pcie card in! :rofl: :rofl:
Can do nothing until I get to go home, though. I have seen that the rift offer is on until end December, so it will all hinge on when I get home!


Unless I lose sound card (possibility - about to test) I can’t fit USB gubbins in.

However, Mobo has 2 USB 3 and a lot of other usb ports, so should be reet :slight_smile:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand bonus - forgot I have a work hotel stay and meals to claim back, so my bank account is essentially £200 better off. So, fuggit, Ima go for it :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your help and patience :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

Well, it works!

Proj cars is fekin INSANE! Brief tickle only cos it’s not exactly restful! :rofl:


@Leepants you did get VR thingy?

If so really want to see you on bridge of Enterprise in star trek bridge crew. Had such a laugh on this with @adrock and @Jester. I have reinstalled my VIVE so all good for some games.


o7 reporting for duty!