Pavlov (VR)


Yarps - got me a rift.


What there games you got? Some coop vr stuff is cool.


I see you on Assetto Corsa VR. Need reports on VR driving, good or bad?


Initially, I found PC2 to be more “immersive” due to off track atmosphere. I played a fair bit of AC today - the driving experience is fekin bonkers! So, erm, yeh. Is good. Only downside is when not racing, headset off to faff with menus etc.

]And I find default for force feedback better for PC2 than AC. There are undoubtedly many settings to be had that make it better. VR - sound is a thing for me. I haven’t yet got the balance right for me - need to run down opposition as it drowns my engine, so revs are impossible to gauge with just ears.

I can’t remember playing it without VR, so I can’t give a good comparison. I shall do this tomorrow to report back :slight_smile: