PC Hibernation mode



I wanted to run a program for several hours without being on my PC but my machine drops into hibernation mode (screen switches off) and the program holds in place. How do I stop the PC from going into hibernate mode?

Basically, I wanted to run FM17 for 5-10 years and then do a new ZiiP thread of career paths without human interactio.

I kicked it off and it completed pre-season and got to August and held as the PC dedicde to suspend processing. I had kicked it off and came back 4 hours later to find it had not moved on.

What do I need to disable on Windows to allow this to continue processing?



Go to your power and sleep settings (Win10).
In there put Sleep to Never.
There are also other things you could do by changing your power plan.



then additional power settings:

Change plan settings, for whichever plan you’re on:

Change advanced settings:

Expand the sleep sub-menu and you’ve got options in there including hibernate. also worth browsing round some of the others and tweaking to your preference.



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@adrock - what happens if I leave the turn off display to say 2 hours? Will that trigger the PC to sleep/hibernate if everything else is set to Never?


Mic you can leave that screen turning off to 15 minutes or so. That is what I have there and the hibernation is off. Applications will keep running in the background.


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