PC racing games - which are good?


Hi folks.

Just noseyed in my Steam library and “rediscovered” Assetto Corsa, DiRT rally, GRID autosport, GTR2, GT Legends installed…

So, pros and cons of each for thems taht’s played them? I got GTL for teh era, tbh…


Assetto Corsa & iRacing are my favourites - whilst both are simulations (you really need a wheel and peddles to get the most from them), the later is also pretty damn expensive unless you are committed to it (pay for subscription + pay for tracks + pay for cars. You do get some cars and tracks with the basic subscription however).

We’ve played GRID Autosport together in the past which was fun - can be enjoyed with a wheel or a d-pad. A lot more arcady - especially in damage modelling etc.

I like pCARS for the graphics, but was more inclined to play Assetto tbh.

@n0tch and myself have long been wanting to get folk into racing games - trouble is finding something fun together that we can either play together at the same time or compete with in a league or table. Notch did create the hotlap challenge - which we built and hosted ourselves… but only a few people regularly joined in.

I’m open to ideas of stuff we can organise together.


I used to have iRacing - the timings didn’t work for me, tbh. I got a wheel and pedals - again recently “rediscovered” (finally moving stuff from old place!) and found clio cup actually semi-controllable with wheel and pedals, nigh on impossible with pad…

Seems I have a LOAD of add-ons for Corsa too… May hafta give it some time. Just got an AWFUL lot going on at the mo (minor “blip” of tears today because of that) so time is hard to get.

THanks for the feedback, Jes. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Humble have a sale on racing games at the moment that might interest some of you - link


Can I touch you inappropriately? Please?


Holy thread revival! I had some time today, had enough of tenkz and footy manager, so fired wheel up, did updates etc. Fired up Project Cars 2 for a try. Fuck you, Clio (but I gotta get through it, and had molto fun derping about in various things. By, the game is unforgiving! :rofl: Could have won a few, didn’t. Looking forward to doing more lappery. :grin:




PCARS2 is also available @Leepants for £9.99 from CDKEYS


Ask Fl3xx via steam. He has an expensive wheel, pedals, stand, handbreak and a shifter. He has been playing a lot of driving games recently.