Photobucket what a ####

Well, I was looking for an old screen shot and been trying to log in to photobucket. Now a few of us have notice that you can no longer 3rd party house with this site unless you pay, but have a look below at the price!!

Need to share images to other websites?

Upgrade to our Plus 500 plan for $399.99 a year
That’s Just over $1 a day!
UNLIMITED 3rd party hosting made easy, effective, and safe.

Yeah, it’s absolute horseshit!

Use instead, much easier to navigate and great for a time-waste :smiley:

Going to get all the stuff I want of photobucket later and get on to imgur. Though most of it is old bf2142 screen shots of all the tags I got.

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What a pile of steaming shit!

I probbaly close down my account, that pricing is completely out of touch with reality.

$400 a year is nuts for hosting. Considering there are so many other options out there.

I bet you could get an actual hosted server for that money.

I recommend looking on - A great site that I use a lot these days…

Alternatives to Photobucket. Some obvious. Some not-so obvious…




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