Ping etc

Hi folkses. Just want a “laymans” on what ping is, cos we’re getting great up and down speeds via speedtest, but ping was 100+

I understand it’s a measure of how long it takes for the browser / pc / device to ping the internet, but unsure of how it relates to ISP speeds (if it is) and therefore how it affects performance. I did google, but may have more questions…

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Layman terms ping is a measurement of how quick a bit of data is sent and received between 2 points (pcs/servers)

In regards to ISP speeds, i’m not 100% on this but obviously, if you have a slower speed it will take longer or it to reach and return than if you had higher speeds


Sooooooooooooooooo, the ping “weakpoint” could be wireless protocol on either hub or PC? What else on PC may effect?

We getting 80+Mb d/l, so the pipeline is fast enough…


Pants I would not worry about the ping too much. Essentially it is as Hammy mentioned already. Now generally if you are farther away from the second pc/server the PING time is longer. Also if you have a bad connection your ping time will be longer(wireless for example will have an effect). Seeming as you are getting 80 down you should be good. Now you should have a look at what you are getting for up speed as well since that will have an effect on your download speed. A high PING does not nessessarily = slow download.
Best example I can give you is one of my mates that was playing OFP via a satelite link. Ping was 600 but the data was flowing fine and at a constant rate. He was just getting the data a lot later than the other players.

21+ up.

Gotcha on the “restrictions” too - ta for the explanation :slight_smile:

Do tracert to see if any ‘hops’ are causing issues.


That was my next idea.

Ping, as raven has said, is affect by distance to where you are trying to reach, and also how many “hops” between you and there. Tracert breaks this down and gives you a list of how many hops between you and your destination and speed between them.

Ping isnt a real issue unless playing games tbh, and even then will depend on what time of game.

Whats your issue thats making you look at your ping pants?

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Cos up and down are strong, but ping not so much. However, saying that, when I play WoT, I’m averaging around 25ms ping and 140-ish FPS, so it COULD be that the BB checker I use doesn’t poll hard enough, or that my wireless card doesn’t ask hard enough for tester…

And general internet dramas - Virgin hardware (including netowrk) sorted today (had 2 blokes sorting, one netowrk to exchange, one exchange to router, 2 issues in both, now sorted), so exploring options on how else to make it “better” for me, or mitigate potential chokepoints in the whole system.

Dont worry about speedstest ping. It will not be even closely right. Thats a ping to their server that they are using to test your connection. God knows how many connections are on it. If you are getting a ping of 25 on WoT you’ll be better than 90% of others playing it. (ping wise)


When I go to CMD prompt, I getting C;\users\leepants

… doesn’t get me to C:, and typing C: just gets me to users\leepants… Halp? Need to use as admin?

Cd c:\ changes that but don’t need to to run ping or tracert

type cd c:\ to get to the root directory of your c: drive, but you shouldn’t need to for any commands if your Path is setup correctly.

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Tech support my arse - you haven’t told me turn it off, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again…

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Some to get this post to work

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‘C:’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

EDIT:- And I did input C:\

yes, because it is a drive. not an executable.

cd (change directory) before the c:\ changes the directory

equally, typing dir would show the contents of the directory.

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Why do you want to do this?

Aye, I know about cd …

Stand by. It’s been MANY years since arsing about in dos

Have you tried turning off your router, waiting 2 years or changing ISP and then turning back on again? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell, taht’s MY kind of advice!!! :sweat_smile:

Got DOS again. cd.

or cd… twice to take back to root :slight_smile: