Pips Uber E3 2019 Thread


Microsoft. I THINK that’s all of Microsoft videos.

Will do other shows in the morning.

Much love nerds.


And all is normal with the world. Pip has undertaken his great task.

Praise be to Pip.


I love that everyone ignored EA. Their show sucked ass, nothing I’m excited for. The new Star Wars game didn’t really impress me too much, maybe because I think the main character looked boring as hell.

I’m loving that there is a new Ori, looks fabulous, I’m still stuck on the last one … ! My biggest suprise was definitely Elden Ring, that game looks right up my alley even as we didn’t see much. Still not sure what to think of Bordelands 3, I will wait for reviews. Phantasy Star Online 2 looks ok, I might try that to recharge my “japan is kaiwai” meter.

I try to avoid any Cyberpunk spoilers but that stupid trailer sneaked its way in when I saw the stream. To be fair beside Keanu Reeves we barely saw any action anyway, still extremly unexpected. Just let me know when the pre-orders are up and I’m happy :smiley: . Possibly have to upragde my pc then …

BTW. With the big Bungie announcement I installed Destiny 2 again and it already changed a bunch. The ingame store now sells you the stuff you pay for, like a skin or Ornament? Just buy it, no stupid lootbox random stuff. I played a couple of hours and its still the good old solid gunplay! Will try a bit tonight!


Bethesda - I think this is all of them

Square Enix but not conference yet - Will edit later/tomorrow

Devolver Digital




God damn ID are killing it!

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Pip - VERY interested in VR content if you dig any of that up, kplzthx. :grin:


Yes of course @Leepants … Only thing so far is a small snippet of the Wolfenstein Cyberpilot that was announced last year and coming next month, however there’s a VR show at 6PM today :slight_smile:

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Looks intense!


Ghostwire : Toyko i love it

Big thanks to @VirulentPip would have missed this other wise


@VirulentPip thanks mate for all this.

Also, totally getting Wolf Youngblood. Its got a deal where one copy = two versions for guaranteed co op, so if anyone wants in give me a shout :smiley:

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@Xander I might be wrong, but that’s the Deluxe version only, gets you a buddy pass.

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You may be right actually. But I love wolf so I may deluxe it if thats the case!


PC Gamer



Massively hyped for DOOM Eternal and I have been wanting to play the new Ori game for a long time…gutted its not this year but I now haz a date for it :smiley:


Ubisoft isn’t till 21:00 BST… I’m probably going to watch and post videos after, Square Enix isn’t till the early hours, so all new videos during the night will be posted in the morning. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Lol loving the silkyness of that man eater one… Might have to look a little deeper into it and see what it’s all about.

Cheers for all the work you do with this lot pip

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Posting this now cause holy fuck yes.

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Watchdogs looks awesome


Did you post the Devolver Conference yet? It was as awesome as last year! Carrion looks stunning. Rest was a bit meh. Huge thanks to Pip, awesome work man I would have missed a few so far!

Square Enix streamed theres a few minutes ago too, it was mind blowing.

Links for everything (I hope I didnt missed anything)
Life is Strange - Episode 3
Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles Remaster ED
Octopath Traveler - now on steam
The last Remanant remastered - On Switch NOW
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Circuit Superstars
Batallion 1944 - couldnt find the new trailer
A Square Enix Music store, makes sense they have awesome music
KingdomHearts 3 Re Mind
Final Fantasy Shadowbringers
Dying Light 2 - Mirrors Edge meets Zombies, that music is creepy as fuck
SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions - on Switch
War of the Vision / Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Oninaki - PS4, Steam, Switch, looks great
Final Fantasy 8 remaster
Marvel Avengers - that was a suprise

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