Planetside 2


This has been around for years and getting some resurgence recently due to some big expansions along with an upcoming campaign mode.

We have an Outfit set up, ZiiP Brotherhood (

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This came up in my YT feed. Great days…


PS2 and Hell Let Loose both need a revisit.


hehe - yeah!

I didn’t realise that video was me at first… back when I used to Twitch stream… actually looked pretty good. :slight_smile:

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Uhhh, wait what now?


Good vid…

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Now that is air support…

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Just re-installed…

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OOO a bit of Battlefield 2142 about it (without teh snow)

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For anyone who has not seen PS2 before, a bit of new player guide in 2020. Part 3 is a must.

Quite a nice tips vid:

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Another one. Watching this guy, he clearly knows what he is talking about.


I am missing this. Anyone fancy a sesh on Friday evening?

I will let you know closer to the time…

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I won’t be around Friday I’m afraid. I will be threatening teenagers with an airsoft rifle :smiley:


These guides to newbs are very good. I’m glad they point out the mixed level playing, missing something as simple as that could really spoil your arrival. And agree, definitely has just a smidge of the feel of BF2142 to it, looking at these clips.

(Did this game come out on 2012? Am I reading this right?)

Yep, 2012. I have been an avid PlanetSide fan since it’s first iteration back in 2003. I was in an outfit back then called “The Seadogs”. We did a lot of drinking and dying. Looks like a version may still be kicking around:

I think PS2 has prolonged and even flourished due to a die-hard fan-base and also there just isn’t anything else like it on the market.

It is a brutal game for the beginner, but get in a group and support each other and it is epic fun.


It is brutal but so much fun… its free (most important) and if I remember correctly you earn coinage to upgrade stuff or there are micro transactions to get there quicker.

Its a game you can play on your own but the experience increases 10 fold with other ZiiPers on.

Just to confirm I can make Friday and Saturday if more preferable.

@n0tch - what is the faction everyone needs to join… I am not near my home machine to check.


I’ll be on Friday and maybe Saturday.

This is a link to our Outift:

Faction and server details:



Wow… stats heaven lol