Planetside 3 Confirmed, even though Daybreak layoff staff

So, I’m sure @n0tch will be happy. I enjoyed PS2… buuuut also didn’t get into it as much as I should have. Something to do with the UI. Also, I have trouble with games where I don’t recognise weapons and how they should be used. But like Brink - it was all just a much of nothing (comparably 2142 got it right, imho).

Anyhow: Article…

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Yes please!

I’ll certainly check it out whenever it drops.

The main thing that annoyed me with PS2 was the 1-2 hour slog to get through a chokepoint to capture a point, celebrate and then head off to the next one… only to have the map show that as soon as you start to capture the next node, the one you just came from was under heavy assault again and you had to go back around.

I did very much enjoy running skirmish ops in small groups to get surrounding objectives, which made the main push easier.

This. This is why I played the game. Ignore the zerg and play some intelligent ops.


Loved my playing days of PS2…

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Will PS3 be free-to-play like PS2?