Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)

I know this is still in early access and a lot of us have been burned :fire: by these types of deals but I really think this will be here for the long haul. I watch a lot of Youtube and folllow Jackfrags and Aculite mainly with some Stonemountain64 who play a wide variety of games but all play PUBG.

Jackfrags did a recent post about the amount of players thar play in PUBG (just on PC as console is not available at moment) and they have overtaken CS:GO and DOTA 2 players by passing 800K players.

Posted 30th August 2017

There are two new maps coming, a new vaulting system and constant updates/patches. They seem to listen tom their community and build suggestions in.

If you are a novice (like me) or more experienced, this game is a great leveller. Everyone starts with nothing and regardless of where you parachute in, everyone has to loot buildings to get guns, attachments, helmets, body armour, grenades etc.

There are two modes of play - third person is the default but the First Person Perspective is currently in beta and adds to the tension as the 360 view is removed.

Brief description oof the game
If you don’t know the game then it is a Battle Royale game but stops people camping with the decreasing circle (playzone) and blue wall of health sapping death.

When you land you have a set amount of time to loot, kill (if you get he opportunity), find a vehicle and get to inside the playzone (white circle). If the timer runs down and you are not in the white circle, you will see on the map an outer blue circle starts to close in and will eventually meet up with the white circle. When the blue circle passes you, you start to take damage (sorry can’t find the Youtube that explains this) at a slow rate (at first) so you can still live, med up and get to the white circle all the while trying to stay alive / kill other players. But if you don’t make the white circle you will eventually die where you leave and start a new game (or spectate your friends if playing duo or as a foursome).

After the first circle, a shorter time will elapse and the a small white circle will appear in the playzone that you need to get to within a time limit before the blue circle again tries to kill off any campers/stragglers. I think the circle decreases 4 times and if there are still opponents, it will close completely and blue circle will envelop the players forcing them to confront each other and fight to the death.

The game also has custom servers so you can admin your own server.

It’s a great game to play, very nerve racking on your own but really enjoyable and very tension filled as a duo or squad of 4.

I have only had one chicken dinner win with BlackRaven and Flexxo

I hope you fancy this as this could be really great. StoneMountain has his own server and has organised 50 v 50 so there is potential.

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Circle Damage

From my experience with most ARMA mission mods, like what this was based on, 1st person perspective vastly changes the game - and I presume it’d be the same in PUGB. Peeking in 3rd person without having to expose your cover is very arcady. We play 3rd PP on Wastelands and it definitely give you a huge advantage. I wonder how many good PUGB players would suddenly become awful if they were forced to change modes.

I’ve got PUGB. Haven’t got around to installing it yet as had many other things on.

Actually the community and the youtubers have been clamouring for FPP rather than 3rd Person as 3P is too easy for them due to the 360 panoramic view.

PUBG recently held a 350k Invitational tournament with a mixed of FPP and 3P views - they screwed up the points system for winning the cash but there were some awesome battles with many preferring the FPP mode.

The FPP mode is defiantly more intense and scary, leaning becomes the skill to perfect as vision is defiantly affected to just moving your head. 3P is great to learn the game, the weapons but the dynamics of FPP are changed and that is a good thing.

To help with shooting:

Good players in FPP Squad mode.

I do like a blast on this, but i can’t grind it too much; and i kinda don’t want to as i’d rather let it get to whatever constitutes a full release before i get bored of it. Also since i won my first two matches in the beta with xander, blackraven and flexxo, and then in a duo with xander, i just think it’s going to be downhill a lot from there.

I’m also impressed at the rate it’s making progress; it’s run noticeably better each time i’ve had a few rounds and the gunplay feels like a decent middle ground between Arma and R6, or possibly an acceptable mix of both, probably depends how you want to play.

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I’ve played a few Battle Royale style games, hell they even have an event in War Thunder that has it, but it’s never held my interest for more than a few games.

It’s a pretty good game. I get massive fps problems with it though.

Fps only mode is now out which drastically changed the game (makes it far better).

It’s a pretty fun experience and plenty tense.

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My usual question - is it twitchy?

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Far from it. The map is 8km by 8km and is up to 100 players either in solo, duo (pairs) or squad (4 man) - It is more seek and destroy

You will get into a fire fight if you see each other but its more you trip over each other unless you have a scope and see them coming.

Compare it to another game, Mic?

Not having played Battle Royale games before I am not sure I can. This was an ARMA mod that is now Standalone.

The controls are easier to get along with than ARMA.

The game is not fast paced but can be depending on where you parachute in and how many “enemies” parachute and land near you. You need to scour buildings for weapons, armour, helmets, meds like DAYZ but you are hunter and hunted at the same time. It is an intense ride - scopes are critical but a PAN (frying) is a life saver.

Armour/helmets go from level 1 to 3 and help against headshots depending upon the gun/ammo used. If you face the sniper Kar98 or worse the AWM then I’ll send flowers.

The game caters for all styles - if you want gungho then go for it but expect to die a lot or you can go sneaky, avoid conflict until you have the upper hand or someone better comes along. Check out the Youtubes above or click the youtube posters like Aculite, Jackfrags as they show solo, duo and squad games both in third person and First person

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Roger taht - ta buddy! :slight_smile:

Aye, PU created Battle Royale for Arma, then got paid a chunk by Sony to create the KotH mode for H1Z1 (not clear on if he actually did anything or just licensed the idea), and he took that money, moved to s.korea (i think, it was a big move, he seemed quite daunted by it at the time), and hired a dev team to start making his own standalone game using UE4. It’s unsurprisingly similar to Battle Royale for Arma :slight_smile: (I never played H1Z1 KotH).

It’s not very twitchy at all, and it has plenty of non-combat bits where you’re either moving about or trying to hold whatever point/bit of cover until you need to move again.

Unlike Mic, i find the controls clunky and limiting compared with Arma, but each to their own. Arma lets me lower and raise my stance in increments so i can look through doors and windows at whatever height, switch my gun to the other hand etc as needed, and i wish BG had something similar. I like the more streamlined inventory idea but the interface could be a lot nicer.

But then this is still a work in progress, and Arma is a fully released and (arguably) mature game.

I really wish it had aimed for a cheaper price point as i think more folk would be on board, but it’s not like it’s struggled to sell copies as is.


It’s basically just a gigantic team deathmatch with an inventory system and decent ballistics. Loot, shoot and keep moving.

Not much to it but it’s quite fun to just run around, loot stuff and try to get some kills.

Camping is the easiest way to win, but often most of the time you die to sudden ambushes and groups crashing into each other.

Just because I like sharing my own stuff…

Its long but shows that if we have a server we can do any configs that we desire… this one includes snipers and nades only, followed by pistols only, unlimited crates etc.

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Honestly this would be a good laugh for a night, just using the server configs and fucking about. Don’t have to go about matchmaking and dying in 5 mins/hiding terrified in a cupboard for an hour.

BTW we scored a win last night, Flexxxo, Raven and my mate Rhys (who has joined the forum…) clutched it right at the end.

We started the round by nicking a truck from a team in the north, leaving them abandoned when the zone came in and killed them. Then we were ambushed, winning with some excellent shooting from Flex and Raven, and the occasional pot shot from my kar 98.

We raided the supply crate, which landed right in the middle of the zone. Rhys was our first casualty but managed to spot and take out quite a few in the middle.

It came down to our team vs another in the middle of the street, with a solitary tree for cover and one guy with an M24 nailing us.

It almost became his win…until flex ressed me, I panaicked and fired everywhere. Was tense as fuck and came down to a 1v1, and it was brilliant.

I do recommend it. It has teething problems and a stupid loot crate system but that’s only visual stuff. But it’s quite terrifying and tense, and as there’s zero comms you don’t have to worry about dickheads. Lose? Just jump into the next game.

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That will be up on the tube next week ish when I have time to upload. Can’t be bothered editring the videos at the moment.

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